Haytham Safia Qu4rtet

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Format: CD

Cat No: RRECD24

Release Date:  22 October 2007

Label:  Rounder Europe

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  • Description

    Haytham Safia (1980) is from Kafr Yasif, in the province of Galilee in the Holy Land.
    His passion for the U'd started at an early age and he is a graduate of the Academy of Music and dance in Jerusalem. After his Dutch debut in the music ensemble of the Galili Dance Company he has created a versatile and successful career for himself playing with such renowned ensembles as Holland Symphonia and the Amstel Quartet in places like the Concertgebouw or Muziekgebouw aan't IJ and at the prestigious Prinsengrachtconcert. The versatility of his talent is also reflected in his "regular" gigs: multicultural band No Blues (with whom Safia recorded two very successful albums that were released across Europe) and his own ensembles of which the Qu4artet is the most recent one to emerge as a vehicle for his ever flowing musical ideas.
    The particular combination of classical and eastern instruments on this album has never been heard before. The musicians join in an open minded adventure while staying true to their own different backgrounds - a real and mobile performing group that will steadily develop using the material from this CD as a basis to work from.
    Tracks: Nada / Promises / Way To The Roots / Secrets In The Heart / Sikit Safar / Moments Of Relief / Answering The Nature’s Call / Voice Of The Desert / Having Fun / Beauty.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Nada
      • 2. Promises
      • 3. Way To The Roots
      • 4. Secrets In The Heart
      • 5. Sikit Safar
      • 6. Moments Of Relief
      • 7. Answering The Nature's Call
      • 8. Voice Of The Desert
      • 9. Having Fun
      • 10. Beauty

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