Haytham Safia

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Format: CD

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Release Date:  24 July 2006

Label:  Rounder Europe

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Barcode:  7121361301421


  • Description

    Last year Rounder Europe released the successful debut album of NO Blues, a project from Production House Oost-Nederland in which Ad van Meurs (guitar), Haytham Safia (U'd, Arabic Lute) and Anne Maarten van Heuvelen (double bass) investigated a combination of folk-blues and traditional Arabic music in a three-day session. The final result, the album 'Farewell Shalabiye' received great response all over Europe, with great reviews, national radio airplay and even a few prestigious shows in France.
    BLOSSOM is the new solo album of the U'd player from the NO Blues project: Haytham Safia. The music for his own project was recorded in two different studios, located in two different countries. The musicians worked individually and actually never met each other. Each musician recorded his own part and added his personal musical interpretation and flavour to Haytham's original compositions. This flexible way of recording the eight tunes embodies a unique experience that reflects the musical taste and background of each musician. Within these compositions this U'd virtuoso explores Persian, Balkan and oriental music mixed with jazz styles. A soothing and engrossing CD that will enrich any album collection.
    Musicians: Haytham Safia (U'd), Morad Khoury (violin, Arabic percussion), Jürgen Preyer (contrabass), Mahran Moreb (qanun), Atanas Popov (drums), Gameel Bishtawi (nay), Jos van Lierop (alto saxophone), Hanneke Ramselaar (oboe), Moussé Pathé M’Baye (African percussion).
    Tracks: A Place Forgotten By Time / The Day’s Wine / Circus Waltz / Whatever You Want / Labyrinth / My Spring In The Netherlands / The Road / Idea / Whatever You Want (experimental version)

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. A Place Forgotten By Time
      • 2. The Day's Wine
      • 3. Circus Waltz
      • 4. Whatever You Want
      • 5. Labyrinth
      • 6. My Spring In The Netherlands
      • 7. The Road
      • 8. Idea
      • 9. Whatever You Want (Experimental Version)