About Us

Propermusic.com is part of the Proper Music Group of companies, comprising the labels Proper Records, Navigator Records, Topic Records and the distribution company Proper Music Distribution all of which is solely owned by Utopia Music. Our parent company Proper Music Distribution, is the biggest independent distributor in the UK who now supply music from over 2000+ labels from across the globe, we regularly release over 200+ new or re-issued albums every week.

Propermusic.com was launched as an online retail store in October 2011 to supply music related products direct to customers and exists to provide a dedicated online home for music released by the many specialist indie labels that we deal directly with frm across the globe and including all genres – broadly speaking, the music you used to find upstairs (or maybe in the basement) of your local record shop. So, before we go any further, a word of warning. If you currently shop with AN Other retailer (and certainly if they are a bricks and mortar high street shop) then please continue to support them. And if you don’t, but you’d like to visit an indie retailer, there is a list of shops that we can recommend here. If you’d still prefer to buy online from someone a bit different than the norm, then please take a look around our store, we’re sure you’ll like it.

So why are we here? Because we want you to be able to continue to purchase the music you want and just as importantly, we want to offer artists and labels a dedicated shop window for their music. We want to give artists and labels an opportunity for getting their music highlighted and heard where that opportunity may not exist elsewhere with other retailers. There is just far too much good music out there for us to leave it to chance and to expect retailers to be able to stock it all in-depth. With over 300 distributed labels and well over 90k product lines, there isn’t a single retailer that is able to stock all of our releases. The store's main aim is to provide an online shop window for all the kinds of music from artists and labels that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to find or discover in stock elsewhere.

And so what can you expect? Well, we focus mainly on Folk, Jazz, Country, Blues, Rock, Indie, Americana, Soul & World amongst many other genres too. We also dabble a bit in Classical. In fact, anything a little bit different. You’ll also find we are one of the biggest stockists of vinyl in the UK with anything else that we think is of interest to our customers. And if you sign up to our mailing list we’ll only ever send you info on the music or artists that you may actually want or be interested in. No Spam.. “But where’s all the other chart releases?” we hear you ask, “Why aren’t you selling everything currently available?”, “Why no big chart pop albums or X-Factor releases?” Well we only sell what we can realistically and successfully source very quickly and competitively, not just on the price but also with our added knowledge, expertise and experience of the releases, hence why we don’t just list every release available in the UK.

So, given the reputation and success of our sister companies we’ve got quite a bit to live up to, so we aim to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and as efficient as possible. If there is anything at all you ever want to tell us about then please give us a ring on 0208-676-5148, you’re opinion and feedback will be most welcomed. Please remember, we’re still learning and we’re continually developing and improving the store every month. You can also connect with us on all of the usual social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc...

A word about our pricing. We call it sustainable pricing and much like other products that are sustainable; we’re not in this to make a quick buck or to screw someone else over. We want to ensure that every time we sell a CD that it benefits everyone in the chain and that it’s sustainable: That you can afford to buy more and enjoy them, that we can remain profitable and stay in business and finally, that all of the artists and labels whose music we support can continue to do what they do best, release great music!

Finally, thanks for coming to visit us and expressing your keen interest by reading this far, we hope to be able to serve you soon. It’s all about the music.

So, why shop with Propermusic.com?

  • Dedicated online retailer supporting & specialising entirely in indie labels music
  • We’re here to serve you directly with the music you love from a HUGE selection of CD, Vinyl, DVD and more
  • ALL deliveries are made by Royal Mail (1st Class), UPS or DHL which ensures the quickest possible delivery time to your door
  • There is no minimum order level
  • Our customer helpline is manned by knowledgeable & friendly staff
  • We use recycled and eco-friendly packaging materials for all of our parcels which ensures the safe delivery of every order to your door
  • We’re UK based and pay all applicable UK taxes

The team at Propermusic.com

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Phone: +44 (0)208-676-5148 (24hr Answerphone)
E-Mail Us: support(at)propermusic.com