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The Old Swan Band

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Format: CD

Cat No: FRRR05

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Release Date:  28 April 2008

Label:  Free Reed

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  5051078905525

Genres:  Folk  

  • Description

    From early 1974, The Old Swan Band brought a new energy to the revival of southern English rural dance music, giving the music (as recalled by musician Dan Quinn) "a good kick up the arse!"

    Led by Rod and Danny Stradling, and with its roots in the Old Spot Morris, the 'Cotswold Liberation Front', and the influential group 'Oak', the 7-piece Old Swan had a fine repertoire from source musicians such as Oscar Woods, Scan Tester, Jim Small & Bob Cann, and that great facilitator Reg Hall.

    The word soon spread - throughout the Revival - and OSB's style and influence permeates English country music to this day.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Walter Bulwer's Polkas
      • 2. Nos 2 And 1
      • 3. The Dannish Waltz/The Indian Polka/Rigs Are Marlow
      • 4. Belle Isles March/Lass Of Richmond Hill/Once I Loved A Maiden Fair
      • 5. Not For Joe/Oscar Wood's Polka/Heel And Toe Polka
      • 6. The Sherborne Waltz/Lovely Nancy
      • 7. Bonnets So Blue/Starry Night For Randy/Uncle's Jig
      • 8. George Privett's Polka/Percy Brown's Polka
      • 9. The Manchester Hornpipe/The Cliffe Hornpipe
      • 10. The Blakeney Breakdown/William Kimber's Schottische-Hornpipe
      • 11. The Winster Gallop/The Four Hand Reel/The Dark Girl Dressed In Blue
      • 12. Dan Leno's Boat
      • 13. Woodland Flowers/Oscar Wood's Jig
      • 14. Lucy Campbell/Nip The Bunny/Mr. Rew's Polka
      • 15. Up The Sides And Down The Middle/The New-Rigged Ship
      • 16. Bonny Breast Knots/Getting Upstairs/The Blue-Eyed Stranger/The New Killarney Polka
      • 17. The Curley-Headed Ploughboy/The Quaker/Three Around Three
      • 18. Huntsman's Chorus/Buttered Peas
      • 19. The Man In The Moon/Varsovienna
      • . Perfect Cure/Bugle Call Jig