The Tale Of Ale Revisited

Various Artists

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Format: CD

Cat No: FRRR19

Release Date:  04 December 2015

Label:  Free Reed

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Barcode:  5051078944128

Genres:  Folk  English Folk  

  • Description

    This welcome release of a 79-minute 'revisited and re-imagined' CD performance of the 1977 classic Free Reed 'Tale of Ale' double-LP brings the songs and stories of 'The English and their Beers' right up into the 21st century! The original 1977 release featured such notables as Peter Bellamy, The Dransfields, Roy Harris, Willie Rushton, Pam Gilder, and the inspiration behind all the original selections, Vic Gammon - and the eight creators of this re-imagined release tread humbly and lightly in their footsteps.

    The Free Reed label burst onto the British folk scene in 1976, with a block release of ten 'LPs' (remember them?) featuring rising new performers, such as John Kirkpatrick's 'Plain Capers', The Old Swan Band and their 'No Reels', and stunning Double LPs - such as Peter Bellamy's epic ballad opera 'The Transports' - which was voted 1977 folk LP of the year - and a remarkable production of 'The Tale of Ale' - with over 40 songs and tales of 'The story of the Englishman and his Beer'.

    Free Reed went on to become the leading producer of fine CD Box-sets detailing the lives and music of leading British folk and folk-rock artists, including Ashley Hutchings, Martin Carthy, Richard Thompson, Steve Tilston, Dave Swarbrick and Fairport Convention - and the label now features over 30 CDs and Box-sets of the cream of the British Folk Revival.

    And now, a select group of well-known Derbyshire-based folk performers have revisited the classic 'Tale of Ale' and have re-imagined some of the original songs and stories, together with highly relevant new songs and tales about the rise of CAMRA; the assaults on ales and pubs by the Beerage and the 'PubCos'; and the welcome rise of Micro Brewers and 'Craft Beers' - to create a true revisited classic!

    So, who's involved??

    This wealth of music is performed by a combination of Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Cupola (Sarah Matthews, Doug Eunson & Oli Matthews) and Peter Bullock, who in honour of the original 1977 performers, all wish to be known collectively as MUSICA INEBRIATA. The original and many newly-researched tales & readings are given by lifelong performers and researchers Roger Warren & John Titford.

    This 79-minute 're-visited' classic CD includes generous notes to all the songs and tales, and is released on the Free Reed label.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Goddesses (1.58)
      • 2. 'A welcome to the Tale of Ale (0.47)
      • 3. Bring Us In Good Ale (2.43) / Jolly Good Ale And Old (3.37)
      • 4. 'God-is-Good: The Magic Of Yeast' (1.19)
      • 5. Nottingham Ale / The Malt's Come Down (3.20)
      • 6. Andrew Boorde On Ale And Beer (1.46)
      • 7. John Barleycorn (4.42)
      • 8. 'He That Buys Land...' (0.17)
      • 9. Oh, Good Ale! (2.21)
      • 10. The Porter Scene, Macbeth (1.24)
      • 11. I Likes A Drop Of Good Beer (2.06)
      • 12. Stubbes: The Anatomy Of Abuses (0.25)
      • 13. We Be Soldiers Three (1.45)
      • 14. Stubbes On Drunkenness (1.57)
      • 15. Don't Go Out Tonight, Dear Father! (2.56)
      • 16. Bickerdyke On Temperance (1.12)
      • 17. Doing The Manch (6.31) / All Through The Ale (3.46)
      • 18. Brewing In London - I (0.59)
      • 19. Charley Mopps (3.09)
      • 20. Brewing In London - II (0.31)
      • 21. There's Comfort In A Drop Of Gin (1.54)
      • 22. Brewing In London - III (1.22)
      • 23. Sellinger's Round (1.51)
      • 24. Some Toasts - I (0.04)
      • 25. The Harvest Supper Song (3.20)
      • 26. Some Toasts - II (0.52)
      • 27. Stones Morris (1.06)
      • 28. The Public House - I (1.17)
      • 29. John Appleby (3.24)
      • 30. The Public House - II (0.30)
      • 31. The Man That Waters The Worker's Beer (2.36)
      • 32. The Public House III (1.23)