The Path Into Blue

Sean Taylor

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Format: CD

Cat No: STCD113

Release Date:  12 April 2019

Label:  Sean Taylor Songs

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Barcode:  5052442015123

Genres:  Blues  

  • Description

    Sean Taylor's new album 'The Path Into Blue' is set for the cruellest month, 2019, and showcases a growing maturity in his songwriting.

    'The Path Into Blue' is an album of themes, consisting of 12 original songs dealing with contemporary issues including English identity, homelessness, Brexit, Donald Trump, the refugee crisis, Grenfell, mainstream music, drink, drugs, depression and Christmas.

    'This Is England' is a spoken word stream of consciousness exploring what is feels like to be living in England in 2019. From the relentless Brexit madness to constant anti-immigrant sentiment, and the growth of the far right, we are living in fragile times. What does it mean to be English and what is our real identity?

    'Lampedusa' is an Italian island which has become one of the primary European entry points for refugees ... UN figures published in June stated that over 1000 refugees have already died crossing the Mediterranean in 2018 ...This song is dedicated to those refugees and the people and organisations working with them .... One World x (video) https://youtu.be/xu4MuurAOkk

    'Grenfell' is dedicated to the families and friends of those lost. In support of an amazing community and movement for justice ... The Grenfell tragedy was symbolic of a country where rampant inequality both demonises and punishes the working class. Grenfell not only killed over 70 people but made hundreds of families homeless. (video) https://youtu.be/wxIymWdIoE0

    'A Cold Wind Blows' is a song that is set in London but is written for homeless people everywhere. In London two homeless people die every week and with austerity this figure will continue to increase. In a society where millionaires become billionaires with every tax break, seeing people sleeping on the streets paints a broken system.

    'The Last Man Standing' (Merry Christmas) is an alternative Christmas anthem for the lost and found. A cocktail of the good and bad of Christmas with Salvation army brass. (video) https://youtu.be/i-wasDJm_aM

    'Little Donny' is dedicated to the 45th president of America; a symbol of the fear and hatred that consumes modern society. As artists we have a responsibility to confront Donald Trump's evil and stand against the growth of the far right around the world ... No Pasaran.

    'In The Name Of God' comes with help of a choir, pedal steel and saxophone. It deals with extremism and offers the alternative of peace and love.

    'Take It Down To The Mainstream' lashes out at X Factor, mainstream pop music, and celebrity culture. Get me out of here, indeed.

    'Tobacco and Whiskey' and 'Number 49' are songs about drink, drugs and addiction. In a world where alienation and fear are all around us, getting high serves as an escape which can be both good and bad.

    'The Other Side Of Hurt' and the album's title track 'The Path Into Blue' explore depression. And melody …..

    The Path Into Blue was recorded in Austin, Texas at Congress House Studio with producer Mark Hallman.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. This Is England
      • 2. Lampedusa
      • 3. Grenfell
      • 4. The Last Man Standing (Merry Christmas)
      • 5. Little Donny
      • 6. A Cold Wind Blows
      • 7. Take It Down To The Mainstream
      • 8. Tobacco And Whiskey
      • 9. Number 49
      • 10. The Other Side Of Hurt
      • 11. In The Name Of God
      • 12. The Path Into Blue