Other Doors

Soft Machine

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Release Date:  30 June 2023

Label:  Dyad Records

Packaging Type:  Digipak

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Barcode:  5052442023258

Genres:  Jazz  Progressive Rock  

  • Description

    'Other Doors' is Soft Machine's first studio album since 2018's 'Hidden Details' and marks a new chapter in the history of the legendary prog/jazz/fusion band - both an ending and a beginning - for this unique group that has now been in existence for 55 years.

    This studio album sees the final studio appearance of drum legend John Marshall, who played his heart out on this album and since completing the recording and aged 81 has decided to retire because of ongoing health issues.

    The album also sees the introduction of bass player Fred Baker to the band following the retirement of Roy Babbington, who has played with the group since 1970.

    The album features much great new music and inspired playing, as well as the reimagining of two Soft Machine classics - "Penny Hitch" (from 'Seven') and "Joy of a Toy" (from the first album).

    Atmospheric improvisations, psychedelic free jazz, burning jazz rock, screaming guitar, hypnotic looped alto flutes, fretless bass grooves, powerful drums and experimental electronic music...

    Soft Machine continues to pursue its musically ambitious, wide ranging, jazz based music without boundaries.

    To create the most ambitious and adventurous heartfelt music the band can imagine.

    The band is lead by John Etheridge from the celebrated '70s version of the legendary group, which recorded the acclaimed 'Softs' album in 1975, and co lead by outstanding sax/flute star Theo Travis (Robert Fripp/David Gilmour/Steven Wilson).

    Since 2021 Roy Babbington retired from public performance and his chosen successor on the bass is Fred Thelonious Baker, who has been a musician on the Canterbury scene for over 30 years - being a regular collaborator with the late Elton Dean, with Hugh Hopper and with guitarist Phil Miller.

    John Etheridge: guitars
    Theo Travis: saxophones, flutes, Fender Rhodes, piano, electronics
    Fred Thelonious Baker: fretless bass guitar
    John Marshall: drums and percussion
    Special guest: Roy Babbington: (additional) bass guitar on tracks 2 & 9

  • Tracklisting

    1. Careless Eyes
    2. Penny Hitch
    3. Other Doors
    4. Crooked Usage
    5. Joy of a Toy
    6. A Flock of Holes
    7. Whisper Back
    8. The Stars Apart
    9. Now! Is the Time
    10. Fell to Earth
    11. The Visitor at the Window
    12. Maybe Never