Depot Light: Songs Of Eric Taylor

Peter Cooper

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Format: CD

Cat No: RBRCD020

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Release Date:  04 December 2015

Label:  Red Beet Records

Packaging Type:  Digipak

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Barcode:  616892337041

Genres:  Folk  Singer Songwriter  

  • Description

    "This is not a tribute album.

    It's me - Carolina-raised, Nashville-residing, Grammy-losing Peter Cooper - singing the songs of Eric Taylor, a man whose notions of rhyme, melody, meter, and story shaped and changed the way I think and feel about music.

    I'm not singing these songs in tribute. I'm singing them because they are the songs I most wanted to sing. Some people, even some people in my troubadour tribe, haven't heard them before. I hope those people don't read these notes. I hope they download this thing, or hear it on some streaming service, and assume that I wrote them.

    My hopes won't be realized, though. Nobody is going to think I wrote these songs. Hell, no one will think Kristofferson or Tom T. Hall or Chuck Berry or Billy Joe Shaver or Patty Griffin or John Prine or Todd Snider wrote them. Eric Taylor songs aren't in competition with anyone else's. They are singular, not similar. They exist in their own world.

    Please listen.

    Eric Taylor isn't in show business. He makes music. And that music has been heard, loved, and recorded by Lyle, by Nanci Griffith, by Joan Baez, and by other greats. That speaks to his brilliance. Thomm Jutz, who co-produced this album and played the guitar parts, will back me up. Andrea Zonn, the singer-songwriter and member of James Taylor's band, played stunningly emotional violin and viola. Then there was Pat McInerney, Justin Moses, Mark Fain, Lynn Williams, Lindsay Hayes, and Eric Brace. These are standouts. Stalwarts. Heavy players and singers, suited for these heaviest of songs.
    This is rare and wondrous stuff, through no fault of my own.

    You're welcome to it.
    Please listen".

    - Peter Cooper

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. All So Much Like Me
      • 2. Depot Light
      • 3. The Great Divide
      • 4. Prison Movie
      • 5. Charlie Ray McWhite
      • 6. More Storms
      • 7. Carnival Jim & Jean
      • 8. Dollar Bill Hines
      • 9. Two Fires
      • 10. Deadwood
      • 11. Louis Armstrong's Broken Heart
      • 12. Happy Endings