Gallipoli Symphony - Recorded Live In Istanbul

Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, State Opera And Ballet Ch

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Format: DVD

Cat No: ABC0762924

Release Date:  29 January 2016

Label:  Australian Broadcasting Corporation / Australian Broadcasting Corp

Packaging Type:  DVD Case

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Barcode:  0044007629246

Genres:  Classical  Music Video  

  • Description

    The story of the Gallipoli campaign is everlasting. It is a story of endeavour, courage, tragedy, great achievements and great sacrifices. It is a story of young nations and old coming together in conflict. It is, most of all, a deeply human story, woven into the fabric of Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. Millions of words have been written about the campaign, but the story has never been told through music - until now. The Gallipoli Symphony is a major composition produced by internationally respected composers from Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. It represents the first time ever that composers from three nations that fought in the campaign have collaborated on a single commemorative work of this scale. The Gallipoli Symphony is structured into parts, like chapters in a book, each themed around an element of the campaign - from the farewell to the New Zealander troops as they began their journey across the world, to the battle fields after the invasion and, finally, hope for a brighter future. The Symphony received its world-premiere performance in the magnificent Hagia Irene in Istanbul on 4 August 2015, featuring renowned musicians from each of the three nations as well as the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jessica Cottis. This DVD, filmed by the ABC, presents that remarkable performance, capturing a moment of huge cultural and historical significance. The DVD also includes interviews with the composers in a documentary feature Gallipoli Symphony - A Creative Journey. Music composed by: Demir Demirkan / Ross Edwards / Gareth Farr / Ross Harris / Kamran Ince / Elena Kats-Chernin / Graeme Koehne / Chris Latham / Richard Nunns / Andrew Schultz / Peter Sculthorpe / Omar Faruk Tekbilek

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Gelibolu OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK
      • 2. He Poroporaoki (Farewell) GARETH FARR AND RICHARD NUNNS
      • 3. The Voyage GRAEME KOEHNE
      • 4. Thoughts Of Home PETER SCULTHORPE
      • 5. The Landing ELENA KATS-CHERNIN
      • 6. The Invasion KAMRAN INCE
      • 7. God Pity Us Poor Soldiers ROSS HARRIS
      • 8. The August Offensive ANDREW SCHULTZ
      • 9. The Trenches Are Empty Now ROSS EDWARDS
      • 10. Hope Of The Higher Heart DEMIR DEMIRKAN
      • 11. Future GRAEME KOEHNE
      • 12. One Hundred Seconds For One Hundred Years CHRIS LATHAM
      • 13. Special Feature: The Gallipoli Symphony – A Creative Journey (Featuring Interviews With The Composers)