India Electric Co.

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Format: CD

Cat No: SHMU35

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Release Date:  05 April 2024

Label:  Shoelay Music

Packaging Type:  Digipak

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  0644380693362

Genres:  Folk  Acoustic  

  • Description

    After four years in the making India Electric Company present their third album Pomegranate.

    From the grips of an underworld without concerts and shared experience comes to the surface an album built in the heart of The West Country describing a life very much in motion whilst in the grips of standing still.

    It weaves through the four seasons of their musical heritage combining their traditional folk roots, their dalliance with electronic analogue synths along with rhythms cultivated in lands further afield and an unadulterated love of pop.

    Pomegranate pushes their boundaries, in a quest to speak of all that they haven't said before and constantly evolve what India Electric Company is. It's a body of work that they have consciously created to form its very own identity whilst meaning something very different to everyone who encounters it.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Pomegranate
      • 2. Embers
      • 3. After the Flood
      • 4. What keeps you
      • 5. Sirens
      • 6. Balancing Act
      • 7. Better Unsaid
      • 8. Patterns
      • 9. Glass Houses
      • 10. Cascade
      • 11. The Gaps
      • 12. Boat Beneath The Sky
      • 13. Fancy Free
      • 14. Face to the sun