Gracie Curran & Friends: Come Undone

Gracie Curran

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Format: CD

Cat No: CDVTGC01
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Release Date:  16 August 2019

Label:  Vizztone Label

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

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Barcode:  600385290128

Genres:  Blues  

  • Description

    COME UNDONE was recorded in Gracie Currrans adopted home town of Memphis, Tennessee, with the help of co-producer/guitarist Damon Fowler and notable friends and neighbors including Victor Wainwright, Reba Russell, and more.

    In the five years since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album PROOF OF LOVE, Gracie has been packing venues across the country and around the world with her stunning voice, soul shaking delivery, and phenomenally fun live show.

    In this sophomore release, you will hear her stories; shaped by the influence of all the places she's been.

    In Gracies own words, This music is the soundtrack of five years on the road- COME UNDONE is the story of losing it all, losing yourself, and hope, the things we do to get by, until we get it all back.

    Learning to be whole again .

    It's in the spaces where we feel most alone, that we are most connected.

    Everyone goes through heartache, loss, joy, new love- it's all part of life- and this is life, through music."

  • Tracklisting

    1. Come Undone (Feat. Damon Fowler & Victor Wainwright)
    2. Ernestine (Feat. Reba Russell)
    3. Stay Up! (Feat. Mark Earley & Doug Woolverton)
    4. The Things We Love (Feat. Reba Russell)
    5. Sweet Sativa
    6. If Mama Ain't Happy (Feat. Victor Wainwright & Damon Fowler)
    7. Love Is The Cruelest Thing I Know