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Format: CD

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Release Date:  29 June 2018

Label:  Fellside

Packaging Type:  Brilliant Case (Jewel Case size, Holds 2 CDs)

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Barcode:  5017116028229

Genres:  Folk  English Folk  

  • Description

    Founded in 1976 Fellside Recordings created two labels, Fellside (Folk) and Lake (Jazz), which in the intervening 42 years have gone on to become two of the UK's leading labels for their genres.

    The company has released over 600 albums which is a remarkable achievement considering that it has been run by just two people, Paul and Linda Adams.

    Between them the labels have won numerous awards for their products and their artists from The Music Retailers Association, BBC Folk Awards, British Jazz Awards and many more.

    Fellside has launched the careers of artists such as Jez Lowe, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Spiers & Boden, Ewan McLennan, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar as well as relaunching the careers of artists such as Bob Fox, Swan Arcade and Pete Morton.

    Lake had an extensive reissue programme featuring classic albums from 1950s and 60s British Jazz alongside working with artists such as Acker Bilk, Chris Barber and Humphrey Lyttelton.

    Lake also recorded current bands like The Bateman Brothers, The Charleston Chasers, The Jake Leg Jug Band and Hot Fingers.

    On top of that the Smallfolk label was created for an album of the music from the children's TV show 'Bagpuss'.

    This triple album set is both a reflection and a celebration marking the end of an era.

    It features tracks specially recorded for the compilation by many of the leading names the labels have worked with as well as previously unreleased archive recordings which not only connect to the labels, but also reflect Paul and Linda's musical life as well.

  • Tracklisting

    1. Blackthorn Stick/Saddle The Pony (Geoff Purvis & Terry Docherty)
    2. Sir Richard?s Song (Terry Docherty)
    3. Draggle-tail Gypsies (Brian Peters)
    4. The Old Folks At Home (Steve Turner)
    5. Turpin Hero (Barry Skinner)
    6. Farewell Nancy (Jolly Jack)
    7. Going To Leave This Country (Sara Grey & Kieron Means)
    8. Sheepcrook & Black Dog (Maddy Prior)
    9. Rosy Morning (Alistair Anderson)
    10. Bogie?s Bonnie Belle (Ian Bruce)
    11. Wainwright (Martin Wyndham-Read & Iris Bishop)
    12. The King & The Tinker (John Kirkpatrick)
    13. Turkish Man O? War (Roy Harris)
    14. Long Lankin (Dave Goulder)
    15. Smokeless Chimneys (Brian Dewhurst)
    16. We Have Fed Our Seas (Peter Bellamy)
    17. Land O? The Leal (Bobby Eaglesham)
    18. Town Tales (Jez Lowe)
    19. Black Seam (Swan Arcade)
    20. The Laird O? Drum (Frankie Armstrong)
    21. Farewell To The Gold (John Wright)
    22. Time To. . . (Gerry Hallom)
    23. Companions (Ian Walker)
    1. I Remember Morley (Keith Marsden)
    2. Lavender?s Blue (Linda Adams)
    3. Barbary Allen (Hughie Jones)
    4. The Green Banks Of Yarrow (Bob Davenport)
    5. Boulavogue (Vin Garbutt)
    6. Spider Island/Sue?s Jig (Hot Polka)
    7. Single Girl (Peggy Seeger)
    8. No Man?s Land (Knotted Chord)
    9. Shine (Diz Disley)
    10. I Live Not Where I Love (Cherrington & Ward)
    11. The Banks Of The Dee (Louis Killen)
    12. Paddy West (A.L. Lloyd)
    13. Matt Hyland (Johnny Collins)
    14. Fare Thee Well My Dearest Dear (Cyril Tawney)
    15. Whiskey Head (Tom Kitching & Gren Bartley)
    16. Melancholy Blues (Marilyn Middleton-Pollock)
    17. Music Box Rag (New Century Ragtime Orchestra)
    18. Cornbread, Peas & Black Molasses (The Big Chris Barber Band)
    19. Cottontail (The Lake Records All Star Jazzband)
    1. Spirit Of The Dance (Paul & James Sartin)
    2. We May Or Might Never All Meet Here Again (Bram Taylor)
    3. The Mantle Of Green (James Findlay)
    4. Little Sadie (Hedy West)
    5. Carl Volti?s Schottische (Vic Gammon)
    6. Alabama Blues (The Jake Leg Jug Band)
    7. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose (Wendy Weatherby)
    8. Thousands Or More (Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith)
    9. Banbury Bill/Shepherd?s Hey (John Spiers & Jon Boden)
    10. Sovay (Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick)
    11. Ecclesiastes (Elbow Jane)
    12. Standing At The Door (Bob Fox)
    13. Across The Hills (Nancy Kerr & James Fagan)
    14. The Cuckoo (Pete Morton)
    15. The Bramble & The Rose (Grace Notes Remembered)
    16. Edwin In The Lowlands (Ewan McLennan)
    17. Anto?s Cajun Cousins (The Hut People)
    18. Nancy Of London (Benji Kirkpatrick)
    19. Same Man (Rick Kemp)
    20. The Singer's Request (Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar)
    21. Only Remembered (Paul & Linda Adams with Susan Reid & Bob Hallard)
    22. That?s All There Is (Jeff Barnhart & Spats Langham)