Mala Kunia

Tangerine Dream

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Format: 2LP

Cat No: KSCOPE1098

Release Date:  22 April 2022

Label:  Kscope

Packaging Type:  Gate Fold Vinyl

No of Units:  2

Barcode:  802644809816

Genres:  Electronic  Electronic  

  • Description

    TANGERINE DREAM'S 'MALA KUNIA' IS BACK AVAILABLE ON VINYL - 'Mala Kunia', the mini-album & roughly Tangerine Dream's 140th release was originally released in tangent with the bands' 2014 Australian concerts - The album features seven new compositions including two of which were co-composed by new band member Ulrich Schnauss together with Edgar Froese. With this release, a new Tangerine Dream era began, "The Quantum Years", which focused on a more back to basics approach to composition influenced by quantum physics.

    The album itself is named after two Aboriginal tribes, which, according to Aboriginal mythology, living a long time ago around Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. The Mala tribe lived on the sunny side & the Kunia on the shady side of the rock.

    Tangerine Dream have been a fundamental influence on electronic music since Edgar Froese founded the band in West Berlin, 1967. Providing the groundwork for multiple electronic music genres including ambient & electronica, inspiring musicians & other art forms.

    The group have also received seven Grammy nominations, written over 100 studio albums & were led by Froese, who developed an instantly recognisable synth-based instrumental music based on a meditative musical experience that came to prominence in the 70's & 80's.

    Although Edgar Froese passed away in 2015 with a new phase in the bands history only just beginning, he left direct orders to remaining members: "Carry on & make my vision for the Quantum Years phase of the band happen!"


  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Shadow & Sun ( 07:54 )
      • 2. Madagaskunia ( 06:51 )

      Side 2

      • 1. Madagsmala ( 07:04 )
      • 2. Beyond Uluru ( 07:49 )

      Side 3

      • 1. Vision Of The Blue Birds ( 08:39 )
      • 2. Snake Men's Dance At Dawn ( 05:51 )

      Side 4

      • 1. Power Of The Rainbow Serpent ( 08:03 )