Daydream Dystopia

Radical Dance Faction

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Format: 2CD

Cat No: YS002CD

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Release Date:  21 June 2019

Label:  Youth Sounds

Packaging Type:  Digipak

No of Units:  2

Barcode:  0721782694057

Genres:  Reggae  Dub  

  • Description

    Radical Dance Faction meets Youth. 'Daydream Dystopia' is a collaboration between the band and renowned producer and bassist of Killing Joke, Youth. The second disc features the same songs but with Youth sprinkling his own dub magic over the tracks.

    On the first disc we get RDF with Youth at the controls, gently teasing the best out of the music. RDF founder Chris Bowsher shows on 'Daydream Dystopia' that he is not afraid to revisit his past and see if some extra life can be breathed into some of his proudest moments. As a result this album sees brand new numbers sitting alongside old favourites being resurrected, polished and reworked.

    Dub mixes can sometimes bear little resemblance to the original - even Youth's own reworking of the Killing Joke back catalogue dubbed many of the tunes out of all recognition from the originals. However, respect is shown to the original material at all times here. Sticking to the original spirit of dub, bass lines are turned up, echoes are dragged out, vocals are speeded up and slowed down. Occasionally bizarre sound effects are sprinkled over the top, enough of them to make things interesting, but not enough to sound clichéd.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Old Man's Eyes
      • 2. Feel Dread
      • 3. Lived / We Loved
      • 4. What The Man Made Of Stone
      • 5. Ru 1
      • 6. Rogue Trooper
      • 7. Surplus People
      • 8. Riverwise I I I
      • 9. Paris

      Disc 2

      • 1. Old Man's Eyes (Youth Dub Mix)
      • 2. Feel Dread (Youth Dub Mix)
      • 3. Lived / We Loved (Youth Dub Mix)
      • 4. What The Man Made Of Stone (Youth Dub Mix)
      • 5. Ru 1 (Youth Dub Mix)
      • 6. Rogue Trooper (Youth Dub Mix)
      • 7. Surplus People (Youth Dub Mix)
      • 8. Riverwise I I I (Youth Dub Mix)
      • 9. Paris (Youth Dub Mix)