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Format: LP

Cat No: TAMB213LP

Release Date:  05 October 2018

Label:  Tambourhinoceros Records

Packaging Type:  Slip Sleeve (CD or Vinyl)

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  7332181089219

Genres:  Rock  Alternative  

  • Description

    With their new LP Pardans brings a jazzy and explorative approach to the famous Mayhem punk scene of Copenhagen. Overview Copy

    Jazz-punk outfit Pardans are fast becoming one of Denmark's most exciting new bands. Alumni of Copenhagen's famous Mayhem collective, they follow in the footsteps of some of the region's most exciting exports, including Iceage (whose live-band currently include 2 members of Pardans), Marching Church and Lower. However Pardans adds a new and jazzy sound to the beloved scene by making music that shares a mentality with the 70s 'No Wave' scene; experimental, unconventional and utterly unique.

    Since forming in 2015, the five-piece has been building a reputation for its frenzied sound and energetic live shows. The band blends their punk roots with elements from a multitude of genres, and a diverse array of artists such as Ornette Coleman, David Bowie, Scott Walker and Captain Beefheart come to mind when listening to Pardans.

    From lead single "(Hookers With) Hidden Depths", with its infectious bass line and sax hook that sounds like a twisted soundtrack to a 40s Noir film set in a smoky New York jazz café, through to "When Come The Rats", a menacing and heavy eruption of beats and riffs, the album is a 13-track collection of fascinating explorations into melody and rhythm that defy the norm.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Burning House Bedding
      • 2. Corner Bar
      • 3. Spit And Image
      • 4. (Hookers With) Hiidden Depths
      • 5. Over The Moon And Beyond
      • 6. Love Run Loose
      • 7. Let It Be Today
      • 8. In Seasons' Grip
      • 9. When Come The Rats
      • 10. Ralle's Theme
      • 11. A Modern Design
      • 12. Views Into Vastness
      • 13. Are You Entertained Yet?