She's Real Gone - Selected Singles 1947-1952

Nellie Lutcher

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Format: CD

Cat No: JASMCD3270

Release Date:  29 March 2024

Label:  Jasmine Records

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Barcode:  604988327021

Genres:  Blues  Rhythm and Blues  

  • Description

    A true pioneer of post-WWII US Rhythm & Blues along with Louis Jordan and Nat King Cole, Nellie Lutcher's irrepressibly upbeat style and her feel-good Capitol 78s made her immensely popular in the UK for a few years, as the 1940s turned over to the 1950s. She was the first full-on R&B act to tour here in the early 50s - twice! - and there's no doubt that her 78s would have made her a consistent UK chart act, had there actually been UK charts at the time of their release.

    Enthusiastic promotion on his pioneering BBC record programme by bandleader-turned-early DJ Jack Jackson made Nellie an immediate and huge public favourite with airplay hits like 'Hurry On Down' and 'He's A Real Gone Guy'. Both are featured here along with a representative selection of other popular Lutcher favourites, including two duets with her label mate and friend Nat Cole and a number of sides that did not gain UK release at the time - some of which are receiving their domestic debut release in this Jasmine compilation.

    Nellie's recording career stretched into the 1960s, but there's no doubt that the tracks she laid down in the first five years, such as those featured here, are the ones that forged her reputation and that are the most highly regarded among fans and collectors.

    Sounding as vibrant and as full of fun as they did 70-75 years ago, here is a representative selection of this wonderful artist's finest recordings from her commercial heyday.

    You'd be a right Nellie to miss it!!

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Hurry On Down
      • 2. He's A Real Gone Guy
      • 3. You Better Watch Yourself Bub
      • 4. Do You Or Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To, Baby)
      • 5. Fine Brown Frame
      • 6. Wish I Was In Walla Walla
      • 7. Alexander's Ragtime Band
      • 8. Come And Get It Honey
      • 9. There's Another Mule In Your Stall
      • 10. Cool Water
      • 11. Princess Poo-Pooly Has Plenty Papaya
      • 12. He Sends Me
      • 13. That'll Just About Knock Me Out
      • 14. That's A Plenty
      • 15. Ditto From Me To You
      • 16. For You My Love - Nellie Lutcher And Nat King Cole
      • 17. Pa's Not Home - Ma's Upstairs
      • 18. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
      • 19. Kinda Blue And Low
      • 20. Lake Charles Boogie
      • 21. Imagine You Having Eyes For Me
      • 22. A Chicken Ain't Nothing But A Bird
      • 23. My New Papa's Got To Have Everything
      • 24. Baby Please Stop And Think About Me
      • 25. Can I Come In For A Second - Nellie Lutcher And Nat King Cole
      • 26. Mean To Me - Nellie Lutcher With Billy May And His Orchestra
      • 27. Let The Worry Bird Worry For You - Nellie Lutcher With Billy May And His Orchestra
      • 28. The Birth Of The Blues - Nellie Lutcher With Billy May And His Orchestra
      • 29. The Heart Of A Clown - Nellie Lutcher With Hal Mooney And His Orchestra
      • 30. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now - Nellie Lutcher With Hal Mooney And His Orchestra