The Melvin Endsley Anthology - Gettin' Used To The Blues

Melvin Endsley

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Release Date:  29 October 2021

Label:  Jasmine Records

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Barcode:  604988112924

Genres:  Rock 'N' Roll  Rockabilly  

  • Description

    Known predominantly as a songwriter rather than a singer, Melvin Endsley is chiefly remembered for copyrights like 'Singing The Blues', 'Knee Deep In The Blues', 'Love Me To Pieces', 'I Like Your Kind Of Love' and 'It Happens Everytime'.

    However, he also enjoyed a parallel recording career, and during the latter half of the 1950s he cut a dozen or so superb singles, many of which are nowadays sought-after collectors' artefacts, although none were significant hits.

    Endsley had a resonant, relaxed voice, with a pleasing, natural yodel; but he was wheelchair-bound, due to a childhood bout of polio, and perhaps his disability impeded his appeal as a performer.

    His recorded output nonetheless remains a solidly commercial, impressive body of work, much in demand among collectors.

    This compilation anthologises his singles for RCA-Victor, MGM and Hickory, between 1957-61 and stacks up as a remarkable legacy; close your eyes, and this sounds just like someone's 'Greatest Hits' collection.

  • Tracklisting

    1. Bringin' The Blues To My Door
    2. I Ain't Gettin' Nowhere With You
    3. Is It True
    4. I Like Your Kind Of Love
    5. Lonely All Over Again
    6. Keep A-Lovin' Me, Baby
    7. Hungry Eyes
    8. Lovin' On My Mind
    9. I Got A Feelin'
    10. There's Bound To Be
    11. I'd Just Be Fool Enough
    12. Let's Fall Out Of Love
    13. Just Want To Be Wanted
    14. Gettin' Used To The Blues
    15. I'll Get Even With You
    16. Can I Say Something
    17. Oh Yeah, Baby
    18. Let Me Sing The Blues (Just One More Time)
    19. Ain't It Fine
    20. I Can't Go Anywhere
    21. The Search
    22. You Make It Sound So Easy
    23. Here I Am
    24. For My Baby
    25. Everytime I See The Sun Go Down
    26. I Wish I Knew
    27. Started Out A-Walkin'