California Suite & The Velvet Fog

Mel Torme

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Format: CD

Cat No: JASCD365

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Release Date:  01 January 2000

Label:  Jasmine Records

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

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Barcode:  604988036527

Genres:  Jazz  Vocal Jazz  

  • Description

    By the time these tracks were recorded in 1949, Mel Torme was into his third year of his career as a solo artist. There is little that is remarkable in that until you realise the number of careers that he had started and, indeed, was continuing at the time. Little Melvin Torme (the accented final "e" came much later) had a natural aptitude for music and at four years of age he liked nothing better than to listen to the radio from which he learned the popular songs of the day. When his parents took him to the Blackhawk Restaurant in their home town of Chicago, he surprised the other diners by singing along with the resident band - the Coon-Sanders Orchestra. He was invited on stage and, sitting on the drummer's knee, he gave his first public performance. This resulted in a regular Monday night date for a few months where he was paid $15 and dinner for his parents. Once into 'show business' he performed as an amateur until he got a break that gave him steady professional employment as a child actor on radio with no singing involved. He did, however, also join a children's group in which he sang. Meanwhile, to extend his options, he learned to play the drums, the piano and the ukulele. In 1941 he auditioned for Harry James, who offered him a place in his band as vocal arranger, occasional vocalist and speciality drummer.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Do-Do-Do
      • 2. Careless Hands
      • 3. Stomping At The Savoy
      • 4. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
      • 5. Blue Moon
      • 6. Again
      • 7. The Four Winds And The Seven Seas
      • 8. It's Too Late Now
      • 9. Sonny Boy
      • 10. Oh, You Beautiful Doll
      • 11. The Old Master Painter
      • 12. I Hadn't Anyone Until You
      • 13. The California Suite: Mountain Desert Theme
      • 14. The California Suite: The Golden West
      • 15. The California Suite: We Think The West Coast Is The Best Coast
      • 16. The California Suite: Coney Island
      • 17. The California Suite: The Miami Waltz
      • 18. The California Suite: They Go To San Diego
      • 19. The California Suite: Sunday Night In San Fernando
      • 20. The California Suite: Got The Gate On The Golden Gate
      • 21. The California Suite: Prelude To 'Poor Little 'Extra' Girl'
      • 22. The California Suite: Poor Little 'Extra' Girl
      • 23. The California Suite: We Think The West Coast Is The Best Coast & Finale (Mountain Desert Theme)