Matthew Ottignon

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Format: CD

Cat No: EAR090

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Release Date:  26 July 2024

Label:  Earshift Music

Packaging Type:  Slip Sleeve (CD or Vinyl)

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  9324690396252

Genres:  Jazz  Instrumental  

  • Description

    From one of Australia's most in-demand saxophonists, Matthew Ottignon comes a new ensemble and self-titled album Volant. The music effortlessly blends his spiritual jazz influences with the minimalist, introspective acoustic jazz that Australia is renowned for. Crafted amidst a period of solitude, Volant represents an ambitious step in Ottignon's artistic musical journey, drawing inspiration from birds in flight - a motif that ultimately defines the album's ethereal quality.

    Although born in New Zealand, Ottignon has been a pivotal figure in Sydney's music scene for over 25 years. Volant presents a narrative of flight and freedom, and through meticulously crafted compositions, Ottignon makes space for both collective intention and expressive individuality. He shares "The essence of our music feels akin to the enchanting dance of birds in flight, creating otherworldly shapes, silhouetted against the night sky." The track Murmuring is inspired by the creativity of their movements. Their synergy is not so dissimilar to the way improvisers create and react to the choices of others. The composition resulted from a series of layered improvisations that eventually settled into a final form.

    "It all comes down to sound.... you hear a life force fermenting in Matt Ottignon's tenor saxophone that can rear up like a tsunami or melt like chocolate." Sydney Morning Herald

    Matthew Ottignon: tenor, alto and baritone saxophones
    Lauren Tsamouras: piano
    Hannah James: acoustic bass
    Holly Conner: drums and percussion

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Moon Rock
      • 2. Naturis
      • 3. The Third Bardo
      • 4. Murmuring
      • 5. Rocky Lux
      • 6. Singing Bowls
      • 7. Bilpin
      • 8. Rolling and Circling