Jean Sibelius: Orchestral Songs

Marianne Beate Kielland (Mezzo-soprano), Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Petr Popelka

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Format: CD

Cat No: LWC1239

Release Date:  23 September 2022

Label:  Lawo

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Barcode:  7090020182612

Genres:  Classical  Choral  

  • Description

    Mezzo-soprano Marianne Beate Kielland is famous for her strong stage presence and musical integrity. Gramophone Magazine writes about her:

    "The mezzo-soprano is quite outstanding: strong, firm, sensitive in modulations, imaginative in her treatment of words, with a voice pure in quality, wide in range and unfalteringly true in intonation."

    Considered today one of Europe's leading singers, she says of this new recording:

    "As my career has progressed, I have had the chance to make numerous recordings featuring a variety of repertoires, and I have always felt the desire to record the songs of Sibelius.

    A wonderful opportunity presented itself when the Norwegian Radio Orchestra with Chief Conductor Petr Popelka expressed its willingness to be part of such a recording.

    Virtually all Sibelius songs are written for voice and piano, but many of them seem as though made for orchestral sounds and instrumental subtlety. Therefore a number of his finest songs have fortunately been orchestrated, and it is these editions we have used for this recording.

    A few of the orchestrations were done by Sibelius himself, one by his contemporary, Simon Parmet (né Pergament), while several were orchestrated by his own son-in-law, conductor Jussi Jalas.

    This album presents orchestrated songs of Sibelius from four opus numbers: 17, 36, 37 and 38." - Marianne Beate Kielland.

    Critical Acclaim

    "The songs, however, are as clear as a glass of iced water ... and these accounts are exemplary and uplifting. I don't know where Ms Kjelland has been hiding but I wish she'd get out more; she has a gorgeous instrument. As for the [Norwegian] radio orchestra under the Czech conductor Petr Popelka, they match the Oslo Philharmonic for lush textures." - The Critic Magazine

    "Kielland's even tone, flexibility and brilliant sensitivity to the text make this a rewarding collection, the intensity and drama of each song powerful and impassioned." - The Guardian

    "this recital will open up a new world for many a Sibelius enthusiast unfamiliar with these lovely songs." - MusicWeb International

    "[Kielland's] rootedness works well in the context of a close recording with a small orchestra exceptionally conducted by Petr Popelka who points up the Nordic Noir in these gloomy poems. […] Best of all are 'I natten' ('In the night'), where the plain upfrontedness of Kielland's delivery works well with the tiptoeing orchestra; […] 'En slanda' ('The Dragonfly') with fine word-painting and good sense of the silences" - Gramophone

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Hostkvall, op. 38 nr. 1
      • 2. Pa verandan vid havet, op. 38, nr. 2
      • 3. I natten, op. 38, nr. 3
      • 4. Se’n har jag ej fragat mera,op. 17, nr. 1
      • 5. Sov in!, op. 17, nr. 2
      • 6. Fagellek, op. 17, nr. 3
      • 7. En slanda, op. 17, nr. 5
      • 8. Illalle, op. 17, nr. 6
      • 9. Lastu lainehilla, op. 17, nr. 7
      • 10. Svarta rosor, op. 36, nr. 1
      • 11. Men min fagel marks dock icke, op. 36, nr. 2
      • 12. Men min fagel marks dock icke, op. 36, nr. 2
      • 13. Marssnon, op. 36, nr. 5
      • 14. Demanten pa marssnon, op. 36, nr. 6
      • 15. Den forsta kyssen, op. 37, nr. 1
      • 16. Soluppgang, op. 37, nr. 3
      • 17. Var det en drom, op. 37, nr. 4
      • 18. Flickan kom ifran sin alsklings mote, op. 37, nr. 5