Oo-wee - The Collectors' Margie Singleton

Margie Singleton

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Format: CD

Cat No: JASMCD3784

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Release Date:  30 September 2022

Label:  Jasmine Records

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  604988378429

Genres:  Country  60's  

  • Description

    Although known predominantly as a songwriter and session singer, Margie Singleton (the wife of producer Shelby Singleton) was a vocalist of extraordinary quality in her own right and she recorded an excellent body of work, which included several significant US Country & Western hits.

    However, don't go looking for those hits here, as none are included. This is a Collectors' Rarities-styled set, comprising sides recorded between 1957-62, which are either notoriously hard to find elsewhere on CD or making their digital debuts herein.

    These include several of her earliest 45s, for Starday, rare duets with Harry Hanson, Al Hart and George Jones; live recordings from The Grand Ole Opry; and a clutch of studio outtakes.

    Although now well into her eighties, Margie is still active to this day.

    Her hits and signature releases during the same time span will hopefully be the subject of a forthcoming Jasmine release.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. One Step (Nearer To You)
      • 2. Not What He's Got
      • 3. My Picture Of You
      • 4. Love Is A Treasure
      • 5. Take Time Out For Love
      • 6. Beautiful Dawn
      • 7. Shattered Kingdom
      • 8. I Want To Be Where You're Gonna Be
      • 9. Teddy
      • 10. Oo-Wee (You're The One For Me)
      • 11. Golden Anniversary (With Harry Hanson)
      • 12. Our Little Secret
      • 13. Magic Land Of Love
      • 14. History Of Love (As Al & Margie)
      • 15. You Are My Life (As Al & Margie)
      • 16. On The Cross
      • 17. The Eyes Of Love (Live)
      • 18. There You Go
      • 19. A Poor Man's Roses
      • 20. How Lonely?she Must Be
      • 21. Pledging My Love
      • 22. One Excuse Is As Good As Another (With George Jones)
      • 23. One By One (With George Jones)
      • 24. Your Old Love Letters (Live)
      • 25. Everybody's Somebody's Fool (Live)
      • 26. The Real Me
      • 27. Yearning (Live)
      • 28. The Cypress Tree
      • 29. Burnt Fingers
      • 30. Magic Star (Tel-Star)

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