Being Human

Lynne Arriale Trio

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Format: CD

Cat No: CR73572

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Release Date:  29 March 2024

Label:  Challenge

Packaging Type:  Slip Sleeve (CD or Vinyl)

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  0608917357226

Genres:  Jazz  Contemporary  

  • Description

    Being Human, pianist-composer Lynne Arriale's 17th album as a leader, is her fourth for Challenge Records International. Joining Lynne are bassist Alon Near and drummer Lukasz Zyta in a suite of original compositions that explores life-affirming facets of humankind. Being Human is dedicated to the things that define our better nature, and to those individuals, whether celebrated or unsung, who personify them.

    In recent years, Lynne's compositions and albums have reflected current social issues. Chimes of Freedom (2020) highlights the worldwide immigration crisis and the experiences of refugees who risk everything to find a better life for themselves and their families. The Lights Are Always On (2022) examines the life-changing events wrought by COVID-19. Some compositions are named in honor of heroes, including those who served as caregivers on the front lines of the pandemic and those who defended American democracy

    In Being Human, Lynne's compositions celebrate the ways our lives are enriched by passion, courage, love, persistence, heart, soul, curiosity, faith, and joy. Responding to the negative effects of polarization in society and culture, Lynne created this album as an affirmation of love, hope, and unity. It is a musical inspiration to fully appreciate the incredible potential in each of us, and to live our lives individually and collectively as the best expression of what it means to be human.

    "I wrote this suite in response to the division and turmoil in our world. The music focuses on qualities we all share; that define our humanity. I hope this album will be uplifting and convey a sense of unity and optimism. The dedications reflect my admiration for those who I feel personify the traits that inspired the music." Lynne Arriale

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Passion
      • 2. Courage
      • 3. Love
      • 4. Faith
      • 5. Curiosity
      • 6. Soul
      • 7. Persistence
      • 8. Heart
      • 9. Gratitude
      • 10. Joy
      • 11. Love (Reprise)