Illusion (2CD)

Julie Tippetts & Martin Archer

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Format: 2CD


Format Details: 2CD

Release Date:  06 May 2022

Label:  Discus Music

Packaging Type:  Digipak

No of Units:  2

Barcode:  5051078993720

Genres:  Jazz  Contemporary  

  • Description

    Avant jazz-song at its very best, performed by a world class ensemble led by Julie Tippetts (one of the UK's finest vocalists from the last 50 years) and multi-instrumentalist Martin Archer, their first album together for 6 years, and their most ambitious work to date.

    The two CDs can be listened to separately and in any order. Each volume offers a different perspective on a common theme.

    'Circle Of Whispers' is a sequence of 13 separate and contrasting songs, performed by various small groups drawn from the JTMA Ensemble, plus some guest musicians. Each song details a character / situation whose presence is hinted at in the companion disc. The result is a powerful and often intensely beautiful record.

    By contrast 'Illusion Suite', although split into 7 tracks, is a single piece of music which runs without break for 75 minutes. The music is structured like a DJ mix - with elements appearing, reappearing, and transforming throughout. Extensive use of chance procedures was made in arriving at the finished form of the electronic music which forms the base layer of the piece, over which we hear both the ensemble in full throttle and Julie's complex vocal arrangements. Occasionally the music reaches passages of great - almost overwhelming - density, and periodically the 140 bpm rhythms collapse into abstraction.

    Julie Tippetts: voice
    Martin Archer: keyboards, electronics, radio waves, all saxophones and clarinets

    Peter Fairclough: drums, percussion
    Seth Bennett: double bass
    Anton Hunter: electric guitar, loops and electronics
    George Murray: trombone
    Corey Mwamba: vibraphone, wood flute
    Charlotte Keeffe: trumpet, flugelhorn
    James Archer: beats and loops
    Mark Hadman: drones and grinds
    Michael Harding: textures and melodies
    Hervé Perez: field recordings, electronics, shakuhachi, close mic soprano sax
    Chris Trent: industrial environment
    Paul Schatzberger: violin
    Aby Vulliamy: viola
    Angela Rosenfeld: cello
    B J Cole: pedal steel guitar
    Laura Cole: grand piano
    Steve Dinsdale: electronic drums
    Liz Hanks, Angela Rosenfeld: cello
    Nick Robinson: acoustic & electric guitars
    Simmy Singh: violin and viola
    Michael Somerset: shaman percussion

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Chances
      • 2. Less
      • 3. Never As They Seem
      • 4. Pandemonium
      • 5. Magic Man
      • 6. Bare Back Rider
      • 7. Turn It Around
      • 8. Illusion
      • 9. Water Message/The Sun Goddess's Mirror
      • 10. Between Mountains
      • 11. Trapeze
      • 12. Sea Sapphire
      • 13. Sword Swallower
      • 14. Elephant Rider
      • 15. Dancing On Air
      • 16. Aquabat
      • 17. Big Cat Tamer
      • 18. Blade Juggler
      • 19. Fortune Teller
      • 20. Movin' On (Dismantling The Big Top)