The Early Years Part 2 - Hully Gully Guitar 1958-1962

Jerry Reed

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Format: CD

Cat No: JASMCD3810

Release Date:  14 July 2023

Label:  Jasmine Records

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  604988381023

Genres:  Country  Rockabilly  

  • Description

    One of Country Music's truly great guitarists and songwriters, Jerry Reed had been around for many years before he finally achieved crossover mainstream success in the 1970s and 80s.
    But among those in the know he'd been revered for his picking skills since the mid-1950s, having played on countless sessions, while he'd also cut plenty of Hillbilly, Rockabilly, and Country records under his own steam.

    The second of two compilations in a brief "mini-series" anthologising Jerry's early career, chronologically, this set features twenty-six of his own sides (including his first Top 100 hit, 'Goodnight Irene') and eight as a session guitarist.
    Many of these early 45s are highly-prized collectors artefacts, and a lot of Jerry's fans consider these to be among his finest work.

    This is the first time that this body of work has been thus assembled, and several of these sides are hard to find elsewhere on CD.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. So In Love
      • 2. Bessie Baby
      • 3. Too Young To Be Blue
      • 4. Teardrop Street
      • 5. Paul Peek - Sweet Skinny Jenny
      • 6. Paul Peek - The Rock-A-Round
      • 7. How Can I Go On This Way
      • 8. Your Money Makes You Purty
      • 9. You Make It, They Take It
      • 10. Heart Appeal
      • 11. Johnny Sea - It Won't Be Easy To Forget
      • 12. Ric Cartey - Scratching On My Screen
      • 13. Ric Cartey - My Heart Belongs To You
      • 14. This Can't Be Happening To Me
      • 15. Have Blues, Will Travel
      • 16. Sweetie Jones - I Must Be Slippin'
      • 17. Soldier's Joy
      • 18. Little Lovin' Liza
      • 19. Just Right
      • 20. Stone Eternal
      • 21. Gini Hayes - It Could Be
      • 22. Love And War (Ain't Much Difference In The Two)
      • 23. Love Is The Cause Of It All
      • 24. Hit And Run
      • 25. It Sure Is Blue Out Tonight
      • 26. Porter Wagoner - Misery Loves Company
      • 27. Pity The Fool
      • 28. I've Got Everybody Fooled (But Me)
      • 29. Goodnight, Irene (With The Hully Girlies)
      • 30. I'm Movin' On (With The Hully Girlies)
      • 31. Hully Gully Guitar (With The Hully Girlies)
      • 32. Twist-A-Roo (With The Hully Girlies)
      • 33. Overlooked And Underloved (With The Hully Girlies)
      • 34. Too Old To Cut The Mustard (With The Hully Girlies)