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Format: CD

Cat No: CDGRA157

Format Details: Digipack

Release Date:  16 February 2024

Label:  Skin Graft Records

Packaging Type:  Digipak

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  647216615729

Genres:  Indie  

  • Description

    Springing from Osaka, Japan's cultural center and historical heart, comes HYPER GAL, a two-piece band consisting of visual artist Koharu Ishida on vocals and noise artist Kurumi Kadoya on drums.

    The minimalist duo makes maximum impact - stripping music down beyond the bare essentials, to create shimmering, no wave pop from blastbeat drums, glittery keyboard loops and ethereal bubblegum vocals - laced with velvet and firecrackers.

    "The noise that HYPER GAL makes is not just noise. It has a fairy tale quality that allows you to warp to another world. You are taken away by the fusion of the happy, sparkling-yet-druggy synth, the lo-fi drums, and the noise that keeps playing in the background... It's a sound that comes from a different place than any other music I've ever heard. I think many people think of HYPER GAL as punk music, and I believe that's one of the correct answers. Personally, I feel that HYPER GAL's musicality and character also blends in with the scene of artists such as Enjoy, Cowgirl Clue, Kumo 99 and The Hellp. There's a truly exquisite balance between the languid elements, the floating and lo-fi feel of the sound textures and the sparkling, punkish performances that combine explosive power and lethargy. There is no pinpointing this band. The freedom they have carved out for themselves is both courageous and beautiful - and their most attractive feature" - TO'MORROW MUSIC

    "There is melancholy too. While vocalist Koharu rests her hand on the microphone stand, the pure sound of the arpeggios and melodies Kurumi plays on the cheap synths placed on top of her toms overwhelms... HYPER GAL is the beauty of chaos" - NOTE

    "A truly unique, perplexing duo. Wouldn't it be nice if things like this became more commonplace in the world?" -VELVET ANTS

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. charm
      • 2. Tropical
      • 3. Papapa
      • 4. Domestic Utopia
      • 5. Wedding ring
      • 6. Tenshi
      • 7. bleach
      • 8. Transparent new Living