Rememberance Ep

Francesca Lombardo

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Format: VN12

Cat No: ECHOE003
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Release Date:  31 August 2016

Label:  Echoe

Packaging Type:  Slip Sleeve (CD or Vinyl)

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Barcode:  881034135322

Genres:  Electronic  House  

  • Description

    Past releases - Crosstown Rebels, One Records, Leftroom Limited and FFRR Affiliations - Flying Circus, Luciano & Friends, Circoloco, Leftroom Francesca Lombardo has cultivated a sound of her own, one that represents her multi-disciplinary musical background and transcends the dancefloor with ease.

    Creating emotional narratives via wistful soundscapes, stirring melodies, hypnotic rhythms and her own mesmerising voice distinguishes her from the crowd.

    This Italian-born, classically trained musician carved out her own path in electronic music, criss- crossing the globe as a DJ and live performer, whilst building up a formidable back-catalogue of music.

    Relentlessly pushing boundaries, her live set which incorporates a group of instrumentalists to compose and conduct intricate productions, as well as her knack as a DJ to combine captivating rhythms and melodies with dramatic stories, are clear examples of this, furthered still by her striking vocals that wash over crowds with waves of emotion.

    2012 saw Francesca's first release of many on Crosstown Rebels.

    Now in 2016, a new phase of her career begins, as she prepares to unveil her debut album, a collection of songs that truly represent the essence of what she's all about, an LP that is forward-thinking, powerful and made from the heart.

    Live instrumentalists will also feature on this album, merging the world of electronic music with Francesca's classical upbringing, set to uplift and engage people from all walks of life.

    The outcome is a combination of grand and orchestral compositions, together with subtle, nuanced numbers.

    There's no doubt that Francesca's passion and drive to keep innovating in music is unsurpassed and serves as the fuel to keep her inspired, relevant and soundtracking the very best moments of our lives for years to come.


    ''Echoe's founder Francesca Lombardo graces the label with its latest release, an EP entitled 'Remembrance', which is shrouded in mystique and simmering energy.

    Evoking images of sand swept dancers and a kaleidoscope of LED lights, this two-track EP draws on the pervasive energy of Burning Man, and merges it with Francesca's own cosmic life-force to deliver a very special pairing of tracks.

    The title track 'Remembrance' has a spirited melody at its core, which is mirrored by the bass line.

    It's all propelled along by sturdy, stomping drums and topped off with a layer of wistful pads.

    Francesca keeps it simple and hypnotic with this little beauty, a treat for anyone who likes it deep.

    On the flipside, we're submerged even deeper with the sombre 'Never Too Far'.

    A solemn atmosphere is present from the very start, with ominous tension building throughout the intro.

    As the track is unleashed, Francesca's voice is utilised, punctuating the initial breakdown...an assortment of eerie effects work in tandem with

  • Tracklisting

    1. Remembrance - Francesca Lombardo