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Buddy Holly

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Release Date:  05 May 2023

Label:  Jasmine Records

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Barcode:  604988117929

Genres:  Rock 'N' Roll  

  • Description

    Of all the singers and musicians who sadly died young and unfulfilled, the loss of Buddy Holly, in February 1959, was perhaps the most shocking.

    But he packed a lot into his tragically brief life, and during 1957 and 58 he and his fellow Crickets spent an enormous amount of time in Norman Petty's studio in Clovis, New Mexico.

    When he wasn't working on his own songs, demos and sessions, Holly often played guitar or sang back-up vocals for artists like Gary Tollett, Billy Walker, Jack Huddle, Sherry Davis, Carolyn Hester, Charlie Phillips, Buddy Knox, Waylon Jennings, and more.

    This compilation presents thirty-four such sides, most of which were recorded in Clovis, on which he "guested", usually as a guitarist.

    The jury is out on whether Buddy definitely played on a couple of these, but as they've long been included in discographies, it would be remiss to omit them.

  • Tracklisting

    1. Go Boy Go - Gary Tollett
    2. Gone - Gary Tollett
    3. I Overlooked An Orchid - Gary Tollett
    4. Golden Rocket - Gary Tollett
    5. On My Mind Again - Billy Walker
    6. Viva La Matador - Billy Walker
    7. It's A Wonderful Feeling - Jim Robertson
    8. A Whole Lotta Lovin' - Jim Robertson
    9. By The Mission Wall - Fred Crawford
    10. Believe Me - Jack Huddle
    11. Starlight - Jack Huddle
    12. Man From Texas - Jim Robertson
    13. Humble Heart - Sherry Davis
    14. Broken Promises - Sherry Davis
    15. Honey Honey - Gary Dale (Tollett)
    16. Look To The Future - Gary Dale (Tollett)
    17. Wreck Of The Old '97 - Carolyn Hester
    18. Scarlet Ribbons - Carolyn Hester
    19. Moondreams - The Norman Petty Trio
    20. One Faded Rose - Charlie Phillips
    21. Sugartime - Charlie Phillips
    22. Patty Baby - Rick Tucker
    23. Don't Do Me This Way - Rick Tucker
    24. Swingin' Daddy - Buddy Knox
    25. Whenever I'm Lonely - Buddy Knox
    26. Real Wild Child - Ivan
    27. Oh You Beautiful Doll - Ivan
    28. If I Had Known - Ken James
    29. What Are You Gonna Do - Jerry Engler
    30. I Sent You Roses - Jerry Engler
    31. When Sin Stops - Waylon Jennings
    32. Jole Blon - Waylon Jennings
    33. Stay Close To Me - Lou Giordano