Wizlavs Viser €“ The Songs And Poems Of The Minnesinger Wizla

Aurora Borealis

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Format: CD

Cat No: PPC9078

Release Date:  02 November 2018

Label:  Simax

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Barcode:  7033662090785

Genres:  Classical  Chamber Music  

  • Description

    The Norwegian grand old man of medieval music instruments, Sverre Jensen, arranged 17 pieces by Wizlav and recorded them together with his ensemble, Aurora Borealis. Jensen also reconstructed and built all the string instruments played on the recording.

    The melodies on the album, together with their accompanying lyrics, were written by the minnesinger (a German lyric poet and singer of the 12th to 14th centuries) Wizlav the Younger and which may be found in the unique Jena song manuscript from around 1320. Wizlav the Younger is believed to have been Wizlav III, Prince of Rugen (1265/8 – 1325), the eldest brother of Euphemia, who married Hakon Magnusson in 1299. It is not inconceivable that Wizlav was engaged to entertain at the Norwegian court during the reign of King Hakon and Queen Euphemia.

    In addition to Sverre Jensen playing plucked instruments and hurdy-gurdy, the members of Aurora Borealis are Oyonn Groven Myhren (vocals), Anne Hytta (bowed instruments) and Tomas Nilsson (percussion and hammered dulcimer). Most of the musicians have roots in the Norwegian folk music tradition, as can be seen in their presentation of the Wizlav material.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Meyie Scone
      • 2. Ich Warne Dich
      • 3. De Erde
      • 4. De Voghelin
      • 5. Uvol Vph
      • 6. Der Wait
      • 7. Manich Scimphit [spruch]
      • 8. Ich Partere Dich
      • 9. Uve Ich Han Ghe Dacht
      • 10. List Du Inder Minne Dro
      • 11. Saghe An Du Boser Man [spruch]
      • 12. Der Herbest
      • 13. Nach Der Seneden Claghe
      • 14. Der Vunghelarte
      • 15. Menschen Kint [spruch]
      • 16. Loybere Risen
      • 17. Uvol Dan