Bars Without Measures

Eclectic Maybe Band

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Format: CD


Release Date:  22 September 2023

Label:  Discus Music

Packaging Type:  Digipak

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Barcode:  5051078007120

Genres:  Rock  Progressive Rock  

  • Description

    Eclectic Maybe Band is the creation of Guy Segers, a player / composer / producer first prominent as bassist with legendary band Univers Zero, and subsequently active in many live and studio projects.

    "Bars Without Measures" continues the band's established tradition which brings together detailed studio work with the creativity of real time improvisation. Using different groupings from within a large ensemble cast, which includes many well-known names, Guy has created an album where tracks are drawn from live improvisation in the studio ate mixed with created from the ground up, with players adding their composed or improvised parts one at a time. In both cases Guy assumes the role of master arranger, taking the improvisations as raw material and sculpting them into finished pieces.

    This richly detailed forth release from EMB takes the listener on a journey through rock, jazz, electronic and abstract landscapes.

    Julie TIPPETTS (Vocals) / Dani KLEIN (Vocals) / Sibel DINCER (Vocals)

    Pierre BERNARD (Flute) / Piet VAN BOCKSTAL (Oboe) / Stephan KOHR (Bassoon) / Martin ARCHER (Saxello) / Dirk DESCHEEMAEKER (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet) / Joe HIGHAM (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone) / Mark BOGAERTS (Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone) / Dave NEWHOUSE (Baritone Saxophone) / Jean Pierre SOAREZ(Trumpet)
    Franck COTTRET (Trombone)

    Marianne DENOIA (Violin) / Cecile BROCHE (Violin) / Ariane PLUMEREL (Violin) / Forrest FANG (Processed Violin) / Thierry ZABOITZEFF (Cello) / Daniel VINCKE (Saz, Vocals)

    Michel DELORY (Guitar) / Pierre VERVLOESEM (Guitar) / Michel DELVILLE (Guitar) / Angel ONTALVA (Guitar) / Matvi BILIS (Guitar)

    Guy SEGERS (Bass, Virtual Instruments) / Andy KIRK (Keyboards) / Catherine SMET (Keyboards)

    Sean RICKMAN (Drums) / Fabrice OWERZARZAK (Drums) / Dirk WACHTELAER (Drums)

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Casanova
      • 2. Senseless Ostensibly
      • 3. Painting With Illicit Pigment
      • 4. Octopus Lagoon
      • 5. Gratitude
      • 6. Quarantine
      • 7. A Move To Unchange The Place
      • 8. Rhesus Retractible
      • 9. Are You Out Of My Mind?
      • 10. Isolation
      • 11. Temporal Trace Of Erich Zann's Presence