Private View

Martin Archer & Jan Todd

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Release Date:  27 September 2024

Label:  Discus Music

Packaging Type:  Digipak

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  5051078015026

Genres:  Pop  Experimental  

  • Description

    A mix of styles ranging from electronic pop thru improvisation based abstraction via atmospheric jazzy soundscapes from the Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere's composers Martin Archer and Jan Todd.

    "Jan and I took our time and also lavished a lot of care on this release. Because we already did music together in various other contexts, we wanted to make sure this album didn't just duplicate the ideas we were developing in our other groups and projects. We also decided that we'd play everything on the album ourselves, which we almost managed - Terry Todd joins us for acoustic guitar on one track. So, in amongst making Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere's "Theta Six", forming, playing gigs, and making an album with new improvising quartet Fjall, plus our own various ongoing studio works, we spent a couple of years making "Private View". Every so often, one of us would send a new track to the other for completion. You can see who initiated each track by the order of writing credits - the initial idea comes from the first named. We didn't really tell each other what to do most of the time; each of us completed the track in a way which felt natural and sounded good, sometimes after a bit of discussion, sometimes not. By the time we had completed 12 tracks it felt to us like a good mix of songs, atmospheres and more abstract work.

    This feels like a special work. It comes from two musicians who know each other well, working with every bit of skill at our disposal to make a different sort of album full of interest and detail, and which we hope you will want to return to many times." - Martin Archer, June 2024.

    Martin Archer: woodwind, keyboards, miscellaneous
    Jan Todd: harps, voice, miscellaneous

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Concentric
      • 2. Five Words
      • 3. Suns And Stars
      • 4. Matamua
      • 5. Les Demoiselles
      • 6. Le Soleil Levant
      • 7. Danseuses
      • 8. Ophelia's Lament
      • 9. Self Portrait
      • 10. Hammamet
      • 11. La Jatte
      • 12. Found Objects