L'arte Del Virtuoso Vol. 4 Solo Concertos

caterva musica

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Format: SACD

Cat No: MDG92623186

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Release Date:  14 June 2024

Label:  MDG

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  760623231860

Genres:  Classical  Baroque  

  • Description

    With a sure instinct for the extraordinary the Baroque orchestra caterva musica, formed by renowned soloists, release the final installment of their "L'arte del virtuoso" series in time for the ensemble's 25th anniversary. Once more they showcase their virtuosic artistry with distinctive solo concertos by J. C. Bach, Pergolesi, Vivaldi, Telemann and Walther, inspiring 18th century masterpieces that still connect with today's audiences emotionally with their cheerfulness, solemnity or sensuality.

    What does love sound like? The luminous, overtone-rich sonority of the viola d'amore lends Vivaldi's concerto a charm of its own. Ritornelli by the orchestral tutti alternate with solo passages which soloist Elke Fabri expertly performs with a delicate mellifluousness as if wooing the beloved.

    The Bassoon Concerto is a Rococo masterpiece of courtly elegance, fascinating listeners by its richness of contrasts and cyclical design. It deservedly takes its place amongst J. C. Bach's groundbreaking works that anticipate future developments, influencing the likes of a young Amadeus.

    Telemann's "Cricket" Symphony is a work of astounding liveliness and originality. The composer's exuberant sense of humour can be heard the sounds which remind the listener of birds twittering and crickets chirping. His Ouverture is a musical "Pastorelle", a type of medieval poem dealing with the courtship of a shepherdess by a knight, which developed into the pastoral plays of the Baroque and Rococo periods.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. G.B. Pergolesi: Sinfonia from L'Olimpiade: I. Allegro
      • 2. II. Andante ma non tanto
      • 3. III. Allegro
      • 4. J.G. Walther: Concerto in B Minor, "Concerto del Signr. Meck, appropriato all'Organo": I. Allegro
      • 5. II. Adagio
      • 6. III. Allegro
      • 7. Vivaldi: Concerto con Viola d'amore in D Major: I. Allegro
      • 8. II. Largo
      • 9. III. Allegro
      • 10. J.C. Bach: Concerto for Oboe in B-Flat Major: I. Allegro
      • 11. II. Adagio
      • 12. III. Presto
      • 13. G.P. Telemann: Sinfonia in G Major, TWV50:1, "Grillen-Symphonie": I. Etwas lebhaft
      • 14. II. Tandelnd
      • 15. III. Presto
      • 16. Ouverture a la Pastorelle, TWV55: F7 : I. Ouverture
      • 17. II. Bourree
      • 18. III. Menuet
      • 19. IV. Aire
      • 20. V. Gigue
      • 21. VI. Vaprice
      • 22. VII. Carrillon