L'arte Del Virtuoso Vol. 2

Caterva Musica

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Format: SACD

Cat No: MDG92622816

Release Date:  04 August 2023

Label:  MDG

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  760623228167

Genres:  Classical  Baroque  

  • Description

    Outstanding soloists bring their love of music to the orchestra: That is what defines caterva musica. Their debut album, L'Arte del Virtuoso Vol 1 (MDG92622776) took the hearts of audiences by storm. Now with their second installment of solo concertos of the 18th century, there are more extraordinary pieces to discover - including music by long-forgotten masters.

    The programme opens with a piano concerto by the 14-year-old Mozart, an adaptation of a sonata by Johann Christian Bach, which he wrote following a trip to London. The young genius took impressive freedoms: entire tutti passages are added, some passages are completely transformed. Bach's piano part remains almost identical, resulting in an especially alluring rococo jewel.

    Molter's "Sonata grossa" is magnificently grand: trumpets, timpani, oboes and strings as well as extensive continuo spread festive cheer. Whilst Frantisek Jiranek's Violin Concerto demands a great deal from the virtuoso, Martin Seyffert's Oboe Concerto is particularly moving in the second movement with its heartfelt melodies and atmospheric harmonies.

    Johann Sigismund Weiss was not overshadowed by his older, much more famous brother Silvius Leopold, neither with his skills on the lute nor in composition. This can be heard in his concerto, which precedes the "Mannheim" tone. Another treasure trove is Joseph Hoffner's Concerto for the keyed trumpet: detached from the limitations of the natural trumpet, Hoffner shows the full sonic splendour of this revolutionary instrument of its time - as if it were written for caterva musica's virtuosos.

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  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Mozart: Concerto for Harpsichord in E-Flat Major, KV 107: I. Allegro
      • 2. II. Allegretto
      • 3. Seyffert: Concerto for Oboe in C Minor: I. Allegro
      • 4. II. Largo
      • 5. III. Allegro
      • 6. Weiss: Concerto for Lute and Strings in G Minor: I. Grave
      • 7. II. Allegro
      • 8. III. Presto
      • 9. IV. Adagio
      • 10. V. Vivace
      • 11. Jiranek: Concerto for Violin in A Major: I. o. B. (Allegro un poco)
      • 12. II. o. B. (Adagio)
      • 13. III. Allegro non presto
      • 14. Molter: Sonata grossa: I. Adagio
      • 15. II. Allegro
      • 16. III. Largo
      • 17. IV. Tempo die Gavotta
      • 18. V. Andante
      • 19. VI. Tempo die Menuetto
      • 20. Hoffner: Introduction and Polonaise in D Major for Keyed Trumpet: Andante maestoso