Mouses' Ears & Barnyard Metaphors 1930-1937

Cliff Carlisle

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Format: CD

Cat No: JASMCD3805

Release Date:  08 December 2023

Label:  Jasmine Records

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Barcode:  604988380521

Genres:  Country  

  • Description

    These are vintage (1930s) country recordings, comprising risque, double-entendre songs and others of a similar ilk, with plenty of yodelling - effectively, the po' white trash equivalent of pre-war blues. While country artists chasing mainstream acceptance were generally cautious, Cliff Carlisle routinely ignored the boundaries that had been drawn in the sand.

    Indeed, Carlisle was perhaps the man for whom the concept "Non-PC" might have been invented. And in an era when Blues musicians routinely sang 'risque' material, heavy with innuendo, he gave them a run for their money.

    This compilation draws from the seedier side of Cliff's recorded legacy, concentrating on his "earthy" repertoire.

    He sings, joyously, of his little mama's "mouses' ear" (and boasts of "hauling her ashes"), of "barnyard sex" (Cliff was fascinated by the activities of roosters and cats), of "wild cat mamas" and "pay-day fights", the horror of being "married alive", and much, much more.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. No Daddy Blues
      • 2. Shanghai Rooster Yodel
      • 3. Guitar Blues
      • 4. High Steppin' Mama
      • 5. Tom Cat Blues
      • 6. Shanghai Rooster No.2
      • 7. Ash Can Blues
      • 8. Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
      • 9. Mouse's Ear Blues
      • 10. Sal Got A Meat Skin
      • 11. Ring-Tail Tom
      • 12. Dang My Rowdy Soul
      • 13. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
      • 14. Sugar Cane Mama
      • 15. Onion Eating Mama
      • 16. Chicken Roost Blues
      • 17. Goodbye Old Pal
      • 18. A Wild Cat Woman And A Tom Cat Man
      • 19. That Nasty Swing
      • 20. It Ain't No Fault Of Mine
      • 21. It Takes The Old Hen (To Deliver The Goods)
      • 22. Wigglin' Mama
      • 23. My Rockin' Mama
      • 24. Pay Day Fight
      • 25. Shot The Innocent Man
      • 26. Rooster Blues
      • 27. Hobo's Fate