Don Quixote, Music Around The Novel

Orphenica Lyra; Jose Miguel Moreno

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Format: CD

Cat No: GCDC80207

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Release Date:  26 July 2024

Label:  Glossa

Packaging Type:  Digipak

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Barcode:  8424562802070

Genres:  Classical  Baroque  

  • Description

    This recording is no 'music in the times of' nor an association of a composer to the myth on the sole basis of their coincidence in time, or even a work inspired by the novel, but precisely that which everybody felt to be missing- a kind of 'soundtrack for the Quixote'.

    The result is a recording in which the musical references which pepper Cervantes' great work and some of his Novelas Ejemplares are collected and lovingly performed.

    Romances and songs alternate with dances such as chaconnes, folIas and jacaras, creating a beautiful and accurate musical landscape in which the reader will easily locate our hero's adventures.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Luys Milan: Pavane 6
      • 2. Anonimo: Al alva venid
      • 3. Juan Aranes: Chaconna: A la vida bona
      • 4. Luys Milan: Romance de Durandarte
      • 5. Alonso Mudarra: Gallarda
      • 6. Francisco Guerrero: Prado verde y florido
      • 7. Anonimo: Que me quereis, caballero
      • 8. Anonimo: Romance de Don Gayferos
      • 9. Antonio Martin y Coll: Canarios
      • 10. Anonimo: Madre, la mi madre
      • 11. Anonimo: Ay luna que reluces
      • 12. Anonimo:Jacaras: No hay que decirle el primor
      • 13. Alonso Mudarra: Fantasia 10, sobre la folia
      • 14. Luys Milan: Romance de Valovinos
      • 15. Antonio Martin y Coll: Villanos
      • 16. Anonimo: Que bonito nino chiquito
      • 17. Alonso Mudarra: Beatus ille
      • 18. Antonio de Ribera: Romance de Cardenio
      • 19. Diego Ortiz: Recercada segunda
      • 20. Gabriel: De la dulce mi enemiga
      • 21. Anonimo: Romance del Marques de Mantua
      • 22. Diego Pisador: Flerida, para mi dulce y sabrosa
      • 23. Anonimo: Al villano se la dan
      • 24. Luys de Narvaez: Romance del Conde Claros
      • 25. Diego Ortiz: Recercada octava
      • 26. Juan Aranes: Chaconna: A la vida bona