The Human Value

The Human Value

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Format: CD

Cat No: BD8980

Release Date:  02 October 2006

Label:  Big Deal

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  825005898021

Genres:  Rock  

  • Description

    "The new wave, new wave crave is marching to the UK and the potential leaders of it, America's The Human Value capture a buzzing sound and shake it like it's a poor man's money box, to produce Blondie-eqsue provocation and XTC style eccentric frivolity," says David Adair on AngryApe.com. "The crawling vocal approach of Turu that has a mechanical effect turns the wheels of this satiating grinder of an A-side." Awash in fuzzed out guitar, propelled by grinding rhythms and propagated by seductive ruminations this collection of songs achieves the rare feat of obtaining sonic bliss with pure pop overtones. Hiram, formally of "Kittens for Christian" supplies the guttural, body grooving guitar riffs and yearning vocals, while Turu's sensuous singing, intense confidence, provides an in-your-face performance of sheer intensity. Musically, the band hailed as the new Siouxsie and the Banshees, however, their songs capture an attitude that's more inherent of America's West Coast rock music scene. Over the years LA and San Francisco have produced a lot of underrated, influential bands whose contribution to rock is very much apparent in 2006. When you first listen to THV, one can't help but think about all those ground-breaking West Coast bands like Romeo Void, Missing Persons and X. Also name-checked is PJ Harvey and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In the late 70s West coast rock was thriving, from the D.I.Y. hardcore punk aesthetic of the Darby Crash and the Germs, Black Flag, The Weirdos, the Dead Kennedys and The Cramps. The music was exciting and spontaneous and audiences never knew what to expect next. The West coast rock tradition was carried into the eighties with the likes of X and Romeo Void. The Human Value captures a spirit that's reminiscent of that exciting time, and in doing so, brings something new to the table. The Human Value : Hiram (guitar/vocals), Turu (vocals/keys), Lynnae Hitchcock (drums)

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Give Me
      • 2. You Want Him
      • 3. Kill Pangs
      • 4. Lonely Girl
      • 5. Nashville No.5
      • 6. Tonight
      • 7. Somebody
      • 8. Parts Per Million 3:37
      • 9. Won't Be Long
      • 10. She
      • 11. Liar
      • 12. Complications
      • 13. Springtime She Waits