Sandy Bell's Ceilidh

Various Artists

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Format: CD

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Release Date:  15 May 2006

Label:  Greentrax

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Barcode:  5018081801022

Genres:  Folk  Celtic  

  • Description

    Greentrax is pleased to release Volume 10 of the very popular Celtic Collections Mid-Price Series.

    Volume 10 is an album from the 70?s - ?Sandy Bell?s Ceilidh? - which was recorded in Edinburgh?s famous bar of that name and Pan Audio Studios, Edinburgh.

    Many of the Sandy Bell?s Bar regulars feature on the album, including Aly Bain, Dick Gaughan, The McCalmans, Chorda, Liz and Maggie Cruickshank, plus the Bell?s Big Ceilidh Band (local musicians who regularly played music in the Bar) and The Bell?s Chorus (regulars who frequently broke into song in ?Bell?s?).

    The album fully captures the atmosphere of Sandy Bell?s Bar of that period and even today the Bar continues to host musical sessions.

    It is often a starting point for visitors to Edinburgh who want to seek out real Scottish traditional music, another worthy addition to the Celtic Collections Series.

    Volumes 1-9 also availble.

  • Tracklisting

    1. An Comhra Donn/The Galway/The Strand - Bell's Big Ceilidh Band
    2. John Barleycorn - The McCalmans
    3. Fort Charlotte/Calum Donaldson - Aly Bain
    4. The Lea Rig - Chorda
    5. The Cruel Brother - Dick Gaughan
    6. Lowlands Away - Bell's Chorus
    7. Sandy Bell's Man - Liz And Maggie Cruickshank
    8. Kirsteen - The McCalmans
    9. Crossing the Minch - Aly Bain
    10. Johnny Sangster - Chorda
    11. Sleepy Toon - Dick Gaughan
    12. Doon In The Wee Room - Bell's Chorus
    13. The Lilting Fisherman/Loch Gowna/Sweet Biddy Daly - Bell's Big Ceilidh Band