Music Of Indonesia, Vol. 4: Music Of Nias And North Sumatra: Hoho, Gendang Karo, Gondang Toba ()

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Format: CD

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Release Date:  24 June 1992

Label:  Smithsonian Folkways

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Barcode:  093074042021

Genres:  World Music  

  • Description

    The Toba and Karo from North Sumatra developed complex instrumental traditions. The Toba, one of the few societies to use tuned drums to carry a melody, combine them with gongs and oboe-like instruments, creating dynamic melodies and rhythms. The Karo ensemble features expert drumming full of snaps and pops. The Ono Niha people from the island of Nias perform ornate choral songs called hoho, which use only four tones and embody their oral tradition. Unknown outside of Indonesia, these 1990 digital recordings include extensive notes. 72 minutes. "Its variety—in sound, feel, and purpose—is astonishing and inspiring." —Rhythm Music

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Simalungun Rayat
      • 2. Gula Tualah
      • 3. Hoho Sisambua'a Matona
      • 4. Hoho Si Tolu Fanema
      • 5. Hoho Ninawuago
      • 6. Hoho Si Tolu Nawua/Hoho Maluaya Si'oligo
      • 7. Gongdang Haro-Haro
      • 8. Gondang Parsahadatan Tu Saluhut Sahala Habonaran
      • 9. Gondang Malim
      • 10. Gondang Si Monang-Monang
      • 11. Gondang Panogu-Nogu Horbo Tu Lahatan
      • 12. Gondang Arang-Arang Dairi
      • 13. Gondang Si Bunga Jambu
      • 14. Gondang Parumbak-Umbak Ni Alogo Bolon
      • 15. Pinasa Si Dung-Dungon
      • 16. Si Tapi Tola