Musique Of Violenze - Dances, Fantasias And Popular Tunes For Queen Elizabeth’s Violin Band

The Parley of Instruments

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Format: CD

Cat No: CDA66929

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Release Date:  01 July 1997

Label:  Hyperion Records Ltd

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

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Barcode:  034571169293

Genres:  Classical  Chamber Music  

  • Description

    'Musique of Violenze' ('violins', not 'violence'): Queen Elizabeth I regarded herself as something of a dancer (see picture above) and this disc contains a medley of the sort of music which was played after dinner in the royal court during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Alongside works by such well-known composers as Byrd, Morley, and Parsons, the recording includes miniatures by several more obscure composers, and from two contemporary 'anthologies' of dance music. As you would expect, this is music of great vigour, with that sense of drive ideal for shedding those pounds after a lavish banquet—and for getting close to 'one's favourite' …

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Dances From The Arundel Part-Books: Almand - Galliard - Galliard - Galliard
      • 2. Hackney
      • 3. Browning My Dear
      • 4. Dances From The Arundel Part-Books: Innocent (Of Cremona's) Pavan And Galliard
      • 5. Dances From The Arundel Part-Books: Division On Innocent's Pavan
      • 6. Dances From The Arundel Part-Books: Pavan
      • 7. Dances From The Arundel Part-Books: Division On The Pavan
      • 8. Dances From The Arundel Part-Books: Milord markes Galliard - Division On The Galliard
      • 9. Fancy
      • 10. A Knell
      • 11. Almand
      • 12. Pavan And Galliard Of Albarti (Albert Of Venice?)
      • 13. De la Court
      • 14. In Nomine Pavan
      • 15. The First Pavan
      • 16. The First Galliard
      • 17. Passaggi On Lassus's 'Susanna un jour'
      • 18. Pavan On 'Susanna un jour'
      • 19. 'The Queen's Goodnight': Prelude And Ground
      • 20. Sacred End Pavan And Galliard
      • 21. Southerne's Pavan
      • 22. Southerne's Galliard
      • 23. Wolsey's Wild
      • 24. My Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone
      • 25. Tickle My Toe
      • 26. Strawberry Leaves