Johann Christoph Pepusch: Chandos Anthems

The Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen

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Format: CD

Cat No: ACC24397

Release Date:  24 November 2023

Label:  Accent

Packaging Type:  Digipak

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Barcode:  4015023243972

Genres:  Classical  Choral  

  • Description

    The name 'Chandos anthems' is most frequently associated with Handel, but he was not the first, nor the last, composer in the extravagant household of James Brydges, the Duke of Chandos from 1719. Working concurrently with Handel at Cannons was the Berlin native, Johann Christoph Pepusch—nearly 20 years Handel's senior—who took over as Director of Music by early 1719 whereupon he adopted a distinctly Venetian approach to sacred music, in the manner of Lotti and Vivaldi.

    Often remembered today for his contribution to The Beggar's Opera Pepusch was a bridge from the seventeenth to the eighteenth-century musical life in London.

    After Handel's departure from Cannons in 1718 to return to the operatic world, Pepusch significantly increased the size of the ensemble at Cannons, including more string players, at least seven adult singers, a choir of trebles and, in the manner of Vivaldi, single trumpet and oboe.

    Having previously demonstrated to the public Pepusch's masterful approach in several award-winning recordings, Robert Rawson and The Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen, joined by the Girl Choristers of Canterbury Cathedral, return with a stunning and richly-scored programme for this recording of world premieres.


    "The Sinfonia of Rejoyce in the Lord has Will Russell's buoyant solo trumpet pitted against pastoral-tinged strings. Ciara Hendrick and Alex Potter's graceful interweaving in the duet 'Praise he Lord with harp' has counterparts in the lyrical concertante playing of violinist Tassilo Erhardt and oboist Mark Baigent." – Gramophone

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Rejoyce In The Lord (Christmas): [sinfonia]
      • 2. Chorus: Rejoyce In The Lord O Ye Righteous
      • 3. Duet: Praise The Lord With Harp
      • 4. Chorus: Sing Unto The Lord A New Song
      • 5. Duet: For Faithfull Is The Word Of God
      • 6. Recitative: By The Word Of The Lord Were The Heavens Made
      • 7. Chorus: The Swelling Floods Together Roll'd
      • 8. Duet: Thy Royall Seat O Lord For Ever Shall Remain
      • 9. Chorus: Let Earth And All That Well Therein Before Him Trembling Stand
      • 10. Chorus: O Praise The Lord And Be Joyfull
      • 11. Magnificat: [sinfonia]
      • 12. Chorus: My Soul Doth Magnifie The Lord
      • 13. Aria: For He Hath Regarded The Lowliness Of His Hand Maiden
      • 14. Chorus: For Behold From Henceforth
      • 15. Aria: For He That Is Mighty Hath Magnified Me
      • 16. Chorus: He Hath Shewed Strength With His Arm
      • 17. Duet: He Hath Put Down The Mighty From Their Seat
      • 18. Chorus: He Hath Filled The Hungry With Good Things
      • 19. Duet: He Remembering His Mercy Has Holpen His Servant Israel
      • 20. Chorus: Glory Be To The Father And To The Son And To The Holy Ghost
      • 21. Concerto Per Il Oboe Solo In B Flat Major
      • 22. O Praise The Lord, Laud Ye The Name Of The Lord: Chorus
      • 23. Recit: Ye That Stand In The House Of The Lord
      • 24. Trio: O Praise The Lord, For The Lord Is Gracious
      • 25. Accomp. Recitative: For I Know That The Lord Is Great
      • 26. Aria: Thy Name O Lord Endureth Forever
      • 27. Chorus: Praise The Lord Ye House Of Israel