Headlight Dreams

Steve Louw

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Format: CD

Cat No: BFD275

Release Date:  07 May 2021

Label:  Bfd / BFD

Packaging Type:  Slip Sleeve (CD or Vinyl)

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  819376027524

Genres:  Country  Americana  

  • Description

    Headlight Dreams is the first international solo release by South African singer-songwriter Steve Louw. Helmed by internationally renowned producer Kevin Shirley (John Hiatt, Joe Bonamassa, The Black Crowes) and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with top local musicians, the album sees Steve exploring new ground as a songwriter as he addresses issues near to his heart. Headlight Dreams sees Steve return to the studio after a seven-year break with a new set of songs and fresh musical inspiration. Says Steve, "I'd taken a 8 000-km motorcycle journey around Southern Africa and a lot of that space and time seeped into these songs. After weeks of riding I started to see things in slow motion and hyperspeed at once and I became mesmerised by the landscape. "I built the songs around my voice and the acoustic guitar so that the listener would be drawn into a journey through broken open landscapes, seeing images in the peripheral half-light while mesmerised by beams of light . . . time passing, slowing, stopping, speeding, with shadows playing just outside of the picture frame."Headlight Dreams takes you through a desperate, dessicated landscape populated with outlaws, gamblers, starving horses and broken lovers . . . the music sounds as if it was made in a distant, more simple time, and moves and breathes as the musicians weave their parts into the singer's landscape."The album was recorded in three days on a 1970s Neve console and other vintage analog gear in an old church building that had been converted into a studio, and with Kevin's great production and mix it sounds like it. From the first moment I loved the acoustics of the studio and the vibe created by the wonderful Nashville musicians with their great feel and playing, drawing you into a world shimmering in the half light, just out of reach . . ."

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Crazy River
      • 2. Wind in Your Hair
      • 3. Don't Wait
      • 4. Train Don't Run
      • 5. Seven Roses
      • 6. Get out of my Heart
      • 7. The Lost and Found
      • 8. Headlight Dreams
      • 9. Heavy Weather
      • 10. Queen Bee Maybe