Tormis: Choral Music

Stephen Layton: Holst Singers

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Format: CD

Cat No: CDA67601

Release Date:  01 April 2008

Label:  Hyperion Records Ltd

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Barcode:  034571176017

Genres:  Classical  Choral  

  • Description

    The Holst Singers are acclaimed as one of England’s greatest amateur choirs. The talent and commitment of the individual singers and the leadership of their mercurial conductor, Stephen Layton, ensure that their performances are always of the very highest standards.
    Veljo Tormis is—along with Arvo Part—Estonia’s most famous living composer, holding an almost mystic status in his home country. He is also the passionate and practical torch-bearer for folk-singing revival, and the integration of an ancient cultural inheritance into thoroughly modern, post-Soviet lives. Interestingly, he trained at the Moscow conservatoire and was steeped in Soviet instruction during his early musical life. His music is almost all written for choirs; few composers have ever been so committed to one genre. Tormis’s choral specialism marks him out from Bartok, Kodaly, Vaughan Williams and Grainger, whose pioneering interest in folksong was ultimately less purist given their use of the tunes alone in instrumental or orchestral works: for Tormis, the words and the music are inseparable.
    The Holst Singers have recently been invited to Estonia to perform Tormis’s music—a great honour, and a mark of their mastery of the repertoire.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Songs (2) after Ernst Enno: Early Summer's Fairy Tale
      • 2. Songs (2) after Ernst Enno: Soundless somewhere, murmurings homeward
      • 3. Estonian Game Songs (3): no 1, The grindstone game
      • 4. Estonian Game Songs (3): no 2, The finger-binding game
      • 5. Estonian Game Songs (3): no 3, The ship game
      • 6. Songs (3) from Epic 'Kalevipoeg': O my gentle, tender mother
      • 7. Songs (3) from Epic 'Kalevipoeg': Daughters of the Meadow Matron
      • 8. Songs (3) from Epic 'Kalevipoeg': The wave rolls
      • 9. Forgotten Peoples: Livonian Heritage - Walking the birds
      • 10. Forgotten Peoples: Livonian Heritage - At Pasture
      • 11. Forgotten Peoples: Livonian Heritage - Shrovetide
      • 12. Forgotten Peoples: Livonian Heritage - Wee winkie mouse 'Lullaby'
      • 13. Forgotten Peoples: Livonian Heritage - Sang the father, sang the son
      • 14. Singing Aboard Ship
      • 15. Autumn Landscapes: no 1, It is late summer
      • 16. Autumn Landscapes: no 2, Clouds are racing
      • 17. Autumn Landscapes: no 3, Pale light
      • 18. Autumn Landscapes: no 4, Painfully red are the leaves
      • 19. Autumn Landscapes: no 5, Wind over the barrens
      • 20. Autumn Landscapes: no 6, Cold autumn night
      • 21. Autumn Landscapes: no 7, Heather
      • 22. Estonian Lullabies (4): no 1, I sing for my child
      • 23. Estonian Lullabies (4): no 2, It's time for the little berry to sleep
      • 24. Estonian Lullabies (4): no 3, Let the cradle swing
      • 25. Estonian Lullabies (4): no 4, Lulling
      • 26. Herding Calls