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Mbuti Pygmies Of The

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Format: CD

Cat No: SFW40401

Release Date:  01 January 1992

Label:  Smithsonian Folkways

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

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Barcode:  093074040126

Genres:  Rock  

  • Description

    Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest captures the variety and tonal quality of the solo and choral traditions present in Mbuti vocal music. Songs are primarily concerned with Mbuti's nomadic life and the forest, from which their lives and those of the animal kingdom are sustained. These prized recordings have been remastered and resequenced to reflect Dr. Turnbull's original mode: the recording begins in the forest with music associated with hunting and gathering, moves to the village for a Bantu initiation ritual, and finally returns to the forest for the Mbuti rituals. This record documents the music discussed in the book The Forest People, read by many anthropology classes. A superbly annotated favorite among world music enthusiasts. "...[F]rom the moment Colin Turnbull lets the chatter and work rhythms of the encampment he's approaching engulf the jungle's ambient insect and bird music, I'm hooked." —The Village Voice

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. In The Rainforest Approaching A Forest Camp
      • 2. Elephant Hunting Song
      • 3. Elephant-Hunt Song
      • 4. Spear Song
      • 5. Cries Of Beaters, Signalling And Shouting
      • 6. Honey-Gathering Song
      • 7. Animal Dance Song
      • 8. Flute Duet
      • 9. Flute Solo
      • 10. Slit-Gong Signalling
      • 11. Mbuti Dance In Bantu Village
      • 12. Lukembi And Voice
      • 13. Lukembi (Mbuti)
      • 14. Bachelor Duet With Lukembi
      • 15. Musical Bow
      • 16. Musical Sticks
      • 17. Nkumbi Initiation Song
      • 18. First Song Of The Elima
      • 19. Second Song Of The Elima
      • 20. First Molimo Fire Dance Song
      • 21. Second Molimo Fire Dance Song
      • 22. Molimo Song With Argument
      • 23. First Molimo Song For Great Occasion
      • 24. Second Molimo Song For Great Occasion
      • 25. Molimo Song 'Darkness Is Good'
      • 26. Molimo Song Of Devotion To The Forest