The Art Of Lute - Works By Hans Judenkonig

Max Hattwich; Johannes Wieners; Jonathan Boudevin

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Format: CD

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Release Date:  26 January 2024

Label:  Christophorus

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Barcode:  4010072774774

Genres:  Classical  Baroque  

  • Description

    The German lutists known as "Lautenschlager" or "Lautenzwicker" were renowned throughout Europe for their complex compositions and high level of playing technique.One of them is Hans Judenkonig - a pioneer of German Renaissance music, in which the lute played an important role.

    The repertoire of the German "Lautenschlager" is rarely played because it is written in German lute tablature, a notation in fingerings instead of notes. This notation was particularly suitable for learning to play the lute through self-study and for playing polyphonic compositions in the private sphere.

    In 1523, Hans Judenkonig published 'Ein schone kunstliche Underweisung', an early school in German lute tablature with many sample pieces, which forms the core of this CD program. In addition, Max Hattwich has selected works by the following generation of German lutenists who were influenced by Judenkonig: first and foremost Hans and Melchior Neusidler, but also pieces by Matthaus Waissel, Leonhard Lechner and Sebastian Ochsenkuhn.

    With his selection, Max Hattwich creates a wonderful sound painting of the art of the lute in the 16th century and takes the listener into the private chambers of the bourgeois and aristocratic houses of the German Renaissance.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Hans Neusidler: Preamel
      • 2. Melchior Neusidler: Der Fuggerin Danz
      • 3. Matthaus Waissel: Phantasia 1 (Tabulatura ... 1575)
      • 4. Phantasia 1 (Tabulatura ... 1592)
      • 5. Phantasia 3 (Tabulatura ... 1592)
      • 6. Tanz & Sprung
      • 7. Susanne ung iour (Orlando di Lasso)
      • 8. Hans Judenkonig: Das erst Priamell
      • 9. Das ander Priamell
      • 10. Das dritt Priamel
      • 11. Das fierd Priamel
      • 12. Das funfft Priamel
      • 13. Kalata ala Spagnola
      • 14. Elsein liebes Elsein mein (Ludwig Senfl)
      • 15. Zucht er und lob (Paul Hofhaimer)
      • 16. Ain trium
      • 17. Tropolus Secret (Pierre La Rue)
      • 18. Pavana alla Veneziana
      • 19. Hans Neusidler: Adieu mes amours (Josquin Desprez)
      • 20. Melchior Neusidler: Fantasia super anchor que col partire
      • 21. Matthaus Waissel: Preambulum 2
      • 22. Melchior Neusidler: Mir ist ein fein brauns magetlin & hupffauff
      • 23. Hans Neusidler: Wascha Mesa
      • 24. Ein guter gassenhauer auff die Welischart
      • 25. Matthaus Waissel: Preambulum 1
      • 26. Leonard Lechner: Ohn dich muss ich mich aller freuden massen*
      • 27. Sebastian Ochsenkun: Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen (Heinrich Isaac)