Medtner: The Complete Piano Sonatas

Marc-Andre Hamelin

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Format: 4CD

Cat No: CDA67221-4

Release Date:  01 September 1998

Label:  Hyperion Records Ltd

Packaging Type:  Box Set

No of Units:  4

Barcode:  034571172217

Genres:  Classical  Solo Instrumental  

  • Description

    'I repeat what I said to you back in Russia: you are, in my opinion, the greatest composer of our time.' – Sergei Rachmaninov (1921)
    It would be hard to overestimate the importance of this set.
    Medtner's piano compositions are arguably the last area of great Romantic piano repertoire to be discovered. His music is difficult, both technically and intellectually, and does not 'play to the gallery', which may explain its neglect. But once his world has been entered it proves endlessly fascinating and compelling, his work growing in stature with every hearing until one is left in no doubt as to its overwhelming effect.
    Central to his output are the 14 Piano Sonatas (though the title covers a multitude of structures and sizes) and here for the first time we have the complete cycle recorded by one artist.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Son in f Op.5: Allegro
      • 2. Son in f Op.5: Intermezzo: Allegro
      • 3. Son in f Op.5: Largo Divoto
      • 4. Son in f Op.5: Finale: Allegro Risoluto
      • 5. Zwei Marchen Op.8: Andantino
      • 6. Zwei Marchen Op.8: Allegro
      • 7. Son-Triade Op.11: No.1 in A flat
      • 8. Son-Triade Op.11: No.2 in d (Son-Elegy)
      • 9. Son-Triade Op.11: No.3 in C

      Disc 2

      • 1. Son in g Op.22: Tenebroso, Sempre Affrettando-Allegro Assai-Interludium (Andante Lugubre)-Allegro As
      • 2. Son-Skazka in c Op.25 No.1: Allegro Abbandonamente
      • 3. Son-Skazka in c Op.25 No.1: Andantino Con Moto
      • 4. Son-Skazka in c Op.25 No.1: Allegro Con Spirito
      • 5. Son in e 'Night Wind' Op.25 No.2: Intro: Andante-Allegro-
      • 6. Son in e 'Night Wind' Op.25 No.2: Poco E Poco Allegro Molto Sfrenatamente, Presto

      Disc 3

      • 1. Son-Ballada in F # Op.27: Allegretto-
      • 2. Son-Ballada in F # Op.27: Intro: Mesto-
      • 3. Son-Ballada in F # Op.27: Finale: Allegro
      • 4. Son in a Op.30: Allegro Risoluto-Allegro Molto
      • 5. Forgotten Melodies Op.38: No.1 Son-Reminiscenza: Allegretto Tranquillo
      • 6. Forgotten Melodies Op.38: No.2 Danza Graziosa: Con Moto Leggiero
      • 7. Forgotten Melodies Op.38: No.3 Danza Festiva: Presto
      • 8. Forgotten Melodies Op.38: No.4 Canzona Fluviala: Allegretto Con Moto
      • 9. Forgotten Melodies Op.38: No.5 Danza Rustica: Allegro Commodo
      • 10. Forgotten Melodies Op.38: No.6 Canzona Serenata: Moderato
      • 11. Forgotten Melodies Op.38: No.7 Danza Silvestra
      • 12. Forgotten Melodies Op.38: No.8 Alla Reminiscenza: Quasi Coda

      Disc 4

      • 1. Forgotten Melodies Op.39: No.1 Meditazione: Intro, Quasi Cadenza-Meno Mosso-Meditamente
      • 2. Forgotten Melodies Op.39: No.2 Romanza: Meditamente
      • 3. Forgotten Melodies Op.39: No.3 Primavera: Vivace
      • 4. Forgotten Melodies Op.39: No.4 Canzona Matinata: Allegretto Cantando, Ma Sempre Con Moto
      • 5. Forgotten Melodies Op.39: No.5 Son Tragica: Allegro Risoluto
      • 6. Son in b flat 'Son Romantica' Op.53 No.1: Romanza: Andantino Con Moto, Ma Sempre Espressivo
      • 7. Son in b flat 'Son Romantica' Op.53 No.1: Scherzo: Allegro
      • 8. Son in b flat 'Son Romantica' Op.53 No.1: Meditazione: Andante Con Moto
      • 9. Son in b flat 'Son Romantica' Op.53 No.1: Finale: Allegro Non Troppo
      • 10. Son in f 'Son Minacciosa' Op.53 No.2: Allegro Sostenuto
      • 11. Son-Idylle in G Op.56: Pastorale: Allegretto Cantabile
      • 12. Son-Idylle in G Op.56: Allegro Moderato E Cantabile