Humanism..and The Universe Keeps Silent


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Format: CD

Cat No: TOR199

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Release Date:  26 July 2024

Label:  Transcending Obscurity Records

Packaging Type:  Digipak

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  612789664788

Genres:  Hard Rock & Metal  Black Metal  

  • Description

    With a name inspired by a Deathspell Omega song, it would only be right to expect something out of the ordinary from this UK based experimental black metal band, but Malconfort have dismantled the very fabric of the genre on their debut album. They've rendered it almost irrelevant with their take on it. With members of Sea Mosquito and Amaltheia in their lineup, they're able to navigate around the music and seem to have a fair idea of what they are doing. And yet, they have managed to do something altogether different, something refreshing and liberating, perhaps even far removed from the core values of the genre itself. But that is exactly what makes it so special. They've seamlessly infused elements of free-form jazz, progressive and atmospheric music and changed the very composition of it. The music flows unhindered, finding its own pace, tone and direction, leaving the listener in suspense and awe. There is nothing quite like it. The music wafts along assuming varying different styles while remaining largely coherent and the album comes to an end before it can get pigeonholed. Even though 'Humanism' is not your typical black metal release or a very extreme one for that matter, its character is alluring if mystifying and deserves every bit of your attention simply because of its staggering uniqueness.

    For fans of - Virus, Ved Buens Ende, Oranssi Pazuzu, Sea Mosquito, Gruzja, Deathspell Omega

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Compulsion (Ecstasy)
      • 2. Cruelty (Elation)
      • 3. Stain (Fantasy)
      • 4. Rage (Indulgence)
      • 5. Carnivore (God)
      • 6. Inertia (Condense)