Bach: Notebooks For Anna Magdalena

Mahan Esfahani, Carolyn Sampson

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Format: CD

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Release Date:  05 May 2023

Label:  Hyperion Records Ltd

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

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Barcode:  034571283876

Genres:  Classical  Early Music  

  • Description

    Domestic music-making of a distinctly superior sort is lovingly recreated in a rare recording of the notebooks Bach presented to his second wife.

    The famous music book was gifted by Johann Sebastian Bach to his wife, who noted down pieces composed by Bach and others.

    Award-winning harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani and renowned soprano Carolyn Sampson perform these works.

    "What an unfailingly delightful compilation it is, featuring keyboard galanteries, chorale melodies with or without voice and a wide variety of arias [?] few if any will be disappointed with an enchanting programme, affectionately and intimately performed." - BBC Music Magazine (Performance 4 STARS; Recording 4 STARS)

  • Tracklisting

    1. Minuet in F major, BWV113
    2. Minuets in G major / G minor, BWV114 & 115
    3. Rondeau in B flat major, BWV183
    4. Minuet in G major, BWV116
    5. Polonaise in F major, BWV117
    6. Minuet in B flat major, BWV118
    7. Polonaise in G minor, BWV119
    8. Wer nur den lieben Gott l?sst walten, BWV691
    9. Gib dich zufrieden, BWV510
    10. Gib dich zufrieden, BWV511
    11. Minuet in A minor, BWV120
    12. Minuet in C minor, BWV121
    13. March in D major, BWV122
    14. Polonaise in G minor, BWV123
    15. March in G major, BWV124
    16. Polonaise in G minor, BWV125
    17. Erbauliche Gedanken eines Tobackrauchers, BWV515a
    18. Menuet fait par Mons B?hm in G major
    19. Musette in D major, BWV126
    20. March in E flat major, BWV127
    21. Polonaise in D minor, BWV128
    22. Bist du bei mir, BWV508
    23. Goldberg Variations 'Aria mit verschiedenen Ver?nderungen', BWV988\tI. Aria
    24. Solo per il cembalo, BWV129
    25. Polonaise in G major, BWV130
    26. The well-tempered Clavier Book 1, BWV846-86 No 01 in C major, BWV846. Movement 1. Prelude
    27. Rigaudon in F major, BWV131
    28. Warum betr?bst du dich?, BWV516
    29. Ich habe genug, BWV82 No 2. Recitativo. Ich habe genug
    30. No 3. Aria. Schlummert ein, ihr matten Augen
    31. Schaffs mit mir, Gott, BWV514
    32. Minuet in D minor, BWV132
    33. Willst du dein Herz mir schenken, BWV518
    34. Dir, dir, Jehova, will ich singen, BWV299b
    35. Wie wohl ist mir, o Freund der Seelen, BWV517
    36. Gedenke doch, mein Geist, zur?cke, BWV509
    37. O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort, BWV513
    38. Jesus, meine Zuversicht, BWV728
    39. Minuet in G major, BWV841