Morgon / Kveld

Kristin Bolstad

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Format: LP

Cat No: ACDLP5113

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Release Date:  13 October 2023

Label:  Aurora

Packaging Type:  Gate Fold Vinyl

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Barcode:  7090057990129

Genres:  Classical  Contemporary Classical  

  • Description

    Aurora Records is pleased to present the debut album of the Norwegian composer Kristin Bolstad, "Morgon /Kveld" (Morning / Evening). MORGON and KVELD were originally two site-specific works for 3 vocalists and James Turrell' slight installation, Hardanger Skyspace in Oystese.

    MORGON and KVELD serve as reflections of each other, where one piece starts where the other ends, and vice versa. In context, the two works form a cycle without a clear beginning or end. The works have a contemplative nature and seek to reflect the cycle of light through dawn and dusk, and the eternal repetition of awakening and going to rest. Slow changes are pivotal to the works and can, in many ways, resemble an auditory meditation, much like Hardanger Skyspace operates as a meditation onlight. Hardanger Skyspace aims to observe the sky during sunrise and sunset. Through an elliptical opening in the ceiling, one gazes upon the sky and observes how the light changes through dawn and dusk, while shifting colours inside the room manipulate the perception of what one sees. Hardanger Skyspace invites a contemplative experience while simultaneously questioning our own perception through the visual illusions that arise in encountering the light installation.

    MORGON and KVELD premiered in Hardanger Skyspace during the autumn equinox, September2022. In the concert version, the works align with sunrise and sunset, just like Hardanger Skyspace, and their length changes accordingly throughout the year. However, this recording has been made in the studio, and the works have also been adapted and tailored for a shorter version in consideration of release. Kristin Bolstad (1981)is a Norwegian composer, vocalist and improviser. Her music is often conceptual, characterized using improvisation, performative elements and humour. She seeks a visual and simple expression, and likes to explore layers of sound and harmonies. Kristin also has a great fascination for sound and has from when she was a child imitated everything and everyone around her. Therefor her work is often sound based, with diverse textures forming the musical material. Kristin has composed for various ensembles and performers, and her music has been performed around Scandinavia, Europe, Canada and USA.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. 1 - 8 Demring I - VIII

      Disc 2

      • 1. 1 - 8 Skumring I - VIII