No Swallerin' Place

June Carter

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Format: CD

Cat No: JASMCD3812

Release Date:  31 May 2024

Label:  Jasmine Records

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

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Barcode:  604988381221

Genres:  Country  

  • Description

    Five-time Grammy award-winner June Carter was Country Music royalty twice over, being a member of The Carter Family and of course much later, the second wife of singer Johnny Cash.

    This compilation presents a selected "Very Best Of" June's early, pre-Johnny Cash career, between 1949-62, drawn largely from singles plus a trio of ultra-rare live sides, from The Grand Ole Opry and The Louisiana Hayride.

    These encompass Hillbilly, Honky-Tonk, Country, mainstream Pop, and even an unlikely tilt at R&R, Chuck Berry's 'Thirty Days'.

    Included are duets with Homer & Jethro, The Carter Sisters & Mother Maybelle, and her first husband, Carl "Mr Country" Smith. Features her earliest hits, 'Baby, It's Cold Outside', 'The Heel' and 'Overalls And Dungarees'.

    Many of these sides are near-impossible to find elsewhere on CD, making this an absolutely essential release.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Baby, It's Cold Outside (With Homer & Jethro)
      • 2. Country Girl (With Homer & Jethro)
      • 3. The Wedding Of Hillbilly Lilli Marlene (With Homer & Jethro)
      • 4. Crocodile Tears (With The Carter Sisters & Mother Maybelle)
      • 5. I Said My Nightshirt (And Put On My Pray'rs) (With Homer & Jethro)
      • 6. Baldheaded End Of The Broom (With The Carter Sisters & Mother Maybelle)
      • 7. Root, Hog Or Die (With The Carter Sisters & Mother Maybelle)
      • 8. Bashful Rascal (With Her Bashful Rascals)
      • 9. The Thing (With Her Bashful Rascals)
      • 10. Winkin' And A-Blinkin' (With Her Bashful Rascals)
      • 11. A Bucket Of Love (With Her Bashful Rascals)
      • 12. Mommie's Real Pecooliar (With Her Bashful Rascals)
      • 13. She Loves To Cry (With Homer & Jethro)
      • 14. Knock-Kneed Suzy (With Her Bashful Rascals)
      • 15. No Swallerin' Place
      • 16. Juke Box Blues
      • 17. You Flopped When You Got Me Alone
      • 18. Time's A'wastin' (With Carl Smith)
      • 19. Love Oh Crazy Love (With Carl Smith)
      • 20. Let Me Go Lover
      • 21. Leftover Loving
      • 22. He Don't Love Me Anymore
      • 23. Strange Woman
      • 24. Honey, Look What You've Done
      • 25. Thirty Days (With The Carter Sisters & Mother Maybelle) Live
      • 26. Wildwood Flower Live
      • 27. Worried Man Blues (With The Wilburn Brothers) Live
      • 28. The Heel
      • 29. If I Ever See Him Again
      • 30. Mama Teach Me
      • 31. Overalls And Dungarees
      • 32. Waving From The Hill