The Skinhead Reggae Albums 1972-76 4cd Clamshell Box


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Format: 4CD

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Release Date:  28 April 2023

Label:  Cherry Red

Packaging Type:  Brilliant Case (Jewel Case size, Holds 2 CDs)

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Barcode:  5013929683006

Genres:  Reggae  Ska  

  • Description

    • 4CD 70-track clamshell box set rounding up the four studio albums released by Reggae legend Judge Dread between 1972 and 1976.
    • Featuring 27 non-album tracks including numerous charting singles and B-sides.
    • With a booklet featuring detailed liner notes plus pictures of all relevant records, including many rare overseas picture sleeves.

    Disc One is ‘Dreadmania – It’s All In The Mind’, originally released on Trojan Records in 1972, which features the Top 20 smashes ‘Big Six’ (No.11) and ‘Big Seven’ (No.8).

    and two non LP B-sides have been added as a bonus.

    The second disc is the Trojan Records-issued ‘Working Class ‘Ero’ album which includes the No.

    14 hit ‘Big Eight’ and now has six rare non LP single sides added including the ‘Molly’ 45.

    Disc Three is the ‘Bedtime Stories’ album which hit No.

    26 when originally released in 1975.

    It features the hit singles ‘Je T’Aime (Moi Non Plus)’ (No.9) and ‘Big Ten’ (No.14) alongside nine bonus tracks including the never before on CD ‘Anna’ and ‘Escape From The Planet Of The Apes’.

    The fourth disc is the legendary ‘Last Of The Skinheads’ album which includes the No.27 charting ‘Y Viva Suspenders’ and the No.35 ‘Winkle Man’.

    The ten bonus tracks include the hit singles ‘Christmas In Dreadland’ (No.14) and ‘Up With The Cock’ (No.49) as well as the No.31 charting ‘5th Anniversary EP’.

  • Tracklisting

    1. All In The Mind
    2. Big Six
    3. Deception
    4. Dr. Kitch
    5. Oh! She Is A Big Girl Now
    6. Mary Ann
    7. Big Seven
    8. Ding-A-Ling
    9. Donkey Dick
    10. The Biggest Bean You?ve Ever Seen
    11. The Blue Cross Code
    12. Dread?s Almanack
    13. One Armed Bandit
    14. Dread (Judge Dread Sound)
    2.1. Big Eight
    2.2. Take Off Your Clothes
    2.3. The Belle Of Snodland Town
    2.4. The Big Five
    2.5. Dread?s Law
    2.6. Big Nine
    2.7. Je T?aime (Moi Non Plus)
    2.8. Grandad?s Flanalette Nightshirt
    2.9. What Kung Fu Dat
    2.10. The Big One
    2.11. Mind The Doors
    2.12. Molly
    2.13. Nine And A Bit Skank
    2.14. Dance Of The Snods
    2.15. (Hey There) Lonely Girl (J. D. Alex)
    2.16. Grass-Hopper (J. D. Alex)
    3.1. Bedtime Stories
    3.2. Je T?aime
    3.3. What A Beautiful Pair
    3.4. Rudeness Train
    3.5. The Six Wives Of Dread
    3.6. This Little Piece Of Dinkle
    3.7. Last Tango In Snodland
    3.8. Big 10
    3.9. Trenchtown Billy
    3.10. Move Over Darling
    3.11. Anna (The Main Men)
    3.12. Look A Pussy
    3.13. Rasta Chat (Dread And I)
    3.14. The End Of The World (Jason Sinclair)
    3.15. The Golden Fleece (Jason & The Arganoughts)
    3.16. Escape From The Planet Of The Apes (The Baboons)
    3.17. Tammy (Jason Sinclair)
    3.18. Stonesfield (Jason & The Argonaughts)
    3.19. Christmas In Dreadland
    4.1. Bring Back The Skins
    4.2. A Rhyme In Time
    4.3. Dread Rock
    4.4. Workers Lament
    4.5. The Winkle Man
    4.6. Take It Easy (But Take It)
    4.7. Come Outside
    4.8. Fatty Dread
    4.9. Y Viva Suspenders
    4.10. Banana Throat Song
    4.11. Bring Back The Skins (Reprise)
    4.12. Al Capone ?76 (The Dreadnaughts)
    4.13. Mexican Hustle (The Dreadnaughts)
    4.14. Confessions Of A Bouncer
    4.15. Jamaica Jerk (Off)
    4.16. Big Everything
    4.17. End Of The World
    4.18. Up With The Cock!
    4.19. Big Punk
    4.20. Swan Lake ?77 (The Dreadnaughts)
    4.21. Nice Weather (For Ducks) (The Dreadnaughts)