Kodaly & Jana?ek: Masses

James O'Donnell: Westminster Cathedral Choir

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Format: CD

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Release Date:  01 February 2000

Label:  Hyperion Records Ltd

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Barcode:  034571171470

Genres:  Classical  Choral  

  • Description

    The Janá?ek Mass is a new completion of the unfinished Mass by Janá?ek expert Paul Wingfield. Janá?ek wrote his unfinished Mass in E flat for soloists, mixed chorus and organ probably in 1908. Having completed a Kyrie, an Agnus Dei and some of the Credo, he put it to one side. Twenty years later he returned to it, incorporating most of it into his first draft of the Glagolitic Mass. Subsequent revisions of the Glagolitic Mass removed almost all of the material from the earlier work, the score of which Janá?ek appears to have destroyed. Fortunately, the incomplete Mass was preserved by a pupil of Janá?ek's and was published in 1972. The version recorded here is based on both this edition and the early drafts of the Glagolitic Mass. Paul Wingfield has provided a new completion of the Credo.
    The Missa Brevis by Kodály was written originally as an Organ Mass and later rearranged as a Missa Brevis for organ and mixed choir. The first performance was in the Budapest Opera House cloakrooms during the siege of Budapest in 1944/45!
    The Laudes Organi is Kodály's last completed work and is notable for its imposing organ introduction and interludes. Its triumphant conclusion marks a fitting end to the career of a composer whose contribution to the Hungarian choral tradition remains unrivalled.
    This recording is the final recording with James O'Donnell as the Master of Music at Westminster Cathedral.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Missa Brevis: Introitus
      • 2. Missa Brevis: Kyrie
      • 3. Missa Brevis: Gloria
      • 4. Missa Brevis: Credo
      • 5. Missa Brevis: Sanctus
      • 6. Missa Brevis: Benedictus
      • 7. Missa Brevis: Agnus Dei
      • 8. Missa Brevis: Ite, missa est
      • 9. Laudes Organi: Introduction
      • 10. Laudes Organi: Audi chorum
      • 11. Laudes Organi: Musice! milites
      • 12. Laudes Organi: Gravis chorus
      • 13. Laudes Organi: Nunc per voces
      • 14. Laudes Organi: Tali modulo
      • 15. Laudes Organi: Huius artis
      • 16. Laudes Organi: Fiat amen
      • 17. Mass In E Flat: Kyrie
      • 18. Mass In E Flat: Credo
      • 19. Mass In E Flat: Sanctus
      • 20. Mass In E Flat: Agnus Dei